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  2. Customize server used for the speed test

    <Bump> Rather than open a new thread, has there been any further developments on allowing custom servers? I see about 235Mbps downloads but only 65 uploads with a 300/300 connection. Several others, initiated manually are showing 200-300 all day long. Testing is on a Domotz Pro box. Not a Raspberry Pi or a VM. Pi only does 100Mbps, and my VM's regularly died every 4-6 months. The Pro box has been rock solid.
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  4. Subnet scan

    Hi, I'm trying to configure a scan of my 2nd subnet, but i'm not able to enter it. My subnet is When i try to enter the network mask i get an error, is there really no way to add such subnet ?
  5. 2N Doorstation Support

    +1 to this....
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  7. Report Scheduling

    It would be nice if we could schedule report generation so that we don't have to manually go in to each agent and generate the monthly report. A little more report automation would be tremendously helpful.
  8. Team Member Levels

    Hello, It would be nice if we could control the level of access for our Team Members other than just assigning them to specific agents. For example, giving read only access vs. read/write. For example, the Domotzuser name is the same as our e-mail (and there currently is no way to have a different e-mail for notifications vs login access) and we use a specific e-mail for all of our notifications so we can scrape them and automate trouble tickets. Thus, we have a Team Member just for our e-mail alerts. It would be nice if we could make this account read only since it's only used for alert generation.
  9. Hi, I have a site that has devices located on a big area (75ha) in multiple buildings. Now, i use zones and locations, but it would be great to have a graphic view of that. I see 2 ways to have a map of zone/locations. (*) First, maybe the simplest, would be to be able to localize zones on the map, like we localize sites.We could then either specify GPS coordinates for a zone or define a point on the map. The second would need more work. It would need to be able to import a drawing of the building map and then define rooms according to location names. On a big area like the one I talk here, it would be a great help to be able to see the position on the map/building of the specific device. (*) i talk about zones because i use them as building-identifier, but maybe add a new field building would be better.
  10. Any plans for a REST API?

    We are working to make a public API using API-Key which will be available to every single Domotz user. At the moment, we can only share privately our internal User API (upon request of significant use cases). Thanks for your patience.
  11. Data usage?

    Ah, I see, thanks! I'm on Comcast which is capped at 1 TB per month and with the amount of streaming we do an extra 60 GBs per month can be important as to whether or not we go over the cap.
  12. Data usage?

    Hi @KeenanSR, Most of this traffic is related to the speedtests, the tests are done every 6 hours, depending on the speed of the connection the amount of data can be high. You can disable speedtests if bandwidth usage is limited, open the app/webapp > select the Agent > Network tile > Disable Automatic Speed Test. Henrique Salvador Domotz Support
  13. Any plans for a REST API?

    Any plans on making this avilable for bigger audience ? I am reading that some AV integrators integrate with Domotz already. Here: So he must have got it via private message somehow :). Can I have a look as well please ?
  14. Data usage?

    Why does theDomotzdevice/software use about 2 GBs of data per day? Thanks!
  15. Location

    You can already specify the exact location of an Agent/Site. Just from the App/WebApp, go under Customer Management. You can specify the exact address under the Location field.
  16. RTI Support

    Here is the RTI info. Its service for RTI Panel talks on port 4110. Monitoring this port lets me know when the RTI processor locks up. Port 80 is used for the diagnostics page and USUALLY goes off line when the processor is locked up. ICMP can be used to monitor the processors... but they continue to respond to pings EVEN AFTER A COMPLETE LOCK UP. AS for updating a system remotely... there are 2 ports required... 5053 has to be forwarded to the DEVICE BEING UPDATED and 5056 has to be forwarded to the computer SENDING THE UPDATE. (THIS ABSOLUTELY SUCKS, and is the reason I have to use VPNs to send updates to systems remotely.) Its also BS to have to keep changing ports in the router to forward to each RTI device before you can send to it.
  17. Greater Mikrotik Support

    Not since they added quick set... I have taken over many a Tik with some BS settings the last guy saw on YouTube. It's killing me that the Domotz Box DEALER COST is tripple the cost of my router!
  18. Location

    Any updates on the Map location subject?
  19. iOS 12 Betta

    Hi Gil, thanks for your feedback on the support channel: "iOS 12 Beta 2 just released today fixed the login issue." Regards, Giancarlo
  20. iOS 12 Betta

    It's ok, I will anxiously await. If sending via TestFlight, send to Regards, - Gil Sorry, send to as this is my Apple Dev account.
  21. iOS 12 Betta

    we can definitely provide you with a pre-release for the Domotz App. However, we are not sure when this will be available yet. Meanwhile, I would recommend to use the WebApp, even through the Mobile (if you can't rollback the iOS and you rely on Domotz Pro app to provide your services to your customers).
  22. Agent Update

    Hi Tom, I've been informed by our colleagues that you had already been informed through the Chat on a possible solution to that. Thanks for your understanding, Giancarlo
  23. iOS 12 Betta

    So, this means there are no options for a pre- release of your app for testing?
  24. iOS 12 Betta

    Dear Domotz User, thanks for reporting this issue. Our engineering team is aware of this and will make sure that as soon as the iOS 12 will be production ready, the Domotz App will be compatible and working with it. Please note that Domotz Pro is considered a professional tool. As such, we provide full assistance with the compatibility with stable OS (either on Android or iOS devices). Given that the Beta of iOS 12 have been released only few days ago, and it is still in Beta, we strongly recommend Domotz Users, not to enroll the first version of any upgrade (especially when they are in Beta), if they rely on Domotz Pro for professional remote assistance. Having said that, we will definitely support iOS 12, as soon as the OS will be out of the beta program. Thanks for your understanding.
  25. iOS 12 Betta

    App not working on iOS12 Beta 1. It does work with the demo account but can't login into a valid paid account.
  26. Agent Update

    Hi, I thought the agent would update automatically. However I see the following in the Domotz Portal under "Subscriptions": Agent Version:1.8.5, Package Version:2.1.5-0354 The latest release notes say that the agent version is 2.0.5? Any idea anyone? Thanks // Tom BTW: I have a Raspberry Pi running the agent here. Looks as if automatic updates are not supported for such devices. If this is true, then how do I upgrade to the lastest agent version? Thanks // Tom
  27. UDP tunnel possible

    Our engineering team is working on something even more powerful then the UDP tunnel to get this kind of work done. With regard to the duration, note that for security reasons, the current TCP tunnels last for 1 hour. Thanks for your patience.
  28. Synology DS218+

    Hi @Giancarlo Thank you for making Domotz available on the x18 series!I was so happy to see it appear in the package centre and it's now running on my client's DS-218+ Many thanks Tim
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