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  2. TCP Tunnel - Extron from remote

    Hi all, This is all the steps to connect from remote to your Extron controller/Panel using Domotz Pro: Extron Instructions 1. Select the Extron devicefrom the Domotz WebApp → Device list→ Device 2. Go to "Connect" tab 3. Click on "Open a TCP tunnel" 4. Insert the Extron TCP Port. By default you will need to open 4 tunnels for the following ports: 22022, 4522,4502 and 4503. 5. Wait to have the tunnel setup 6. Repeat steps 3 and 4 for each port: 7. You will have a host and a port for each TCP Tunnel: Host: Port: 32784 8. Open the .bat file as Administrator (see link below) and enter the requested information on the screen. 9. Connect the Global Configurator to the device on the loopback address that you choose (e.g. Extron.bat
  3. 05/08 - 2018 Release Notes

    This change log covers what's changed in Domotz Pro service since previous Release Notes. These changes include Domotz Pro cloud, Domotz Agent and Domotz Pro App. Since previous Release Notes new versions of Domotz Agent and Domotz Pro App have been released. May 8th, 2018 In order to fully exploit the new features, functionalities and bug fixes released, please make sure you have installed the latest version of Domotz Pro Mobile App: check on Apple Store or Google Play. Latest version as of today is 1.7.5 Domotz Agent: check onDomotz Portalunder the subscription tab. Latest Agent version as per todayis 1.9.1 Violet Digital Support: check on Apple Store or Google Play. Latest version as of today is 2.6.7 Domotz Pro WebApp and Portal are already updated to the latest version What's new: App and WebApp in Demo Mode: it is now possible to use the Domotz Pro App in Demo Mode (or via Web App) in order to understand and show all the features available through Domotz. The Demo Mode also works when the mobile is in offline mode Disable Device Auto Discovery: the Device Auto Discovery performs a network scanning every 30 seconds. It is now possible to disable the automatic discovery of new devices, in order to allow the monitoring system to monitor only the existing devices at a certain date Domotz Users can be invited on a FingBox: all the Domotz Pro users can be invited by a FingBox user to monitor their network. A new Agent is created in the Domotz Pro list of agents and it performs Remote Monitoring and Managing activities by leveraging the FingBox hardware Domotz on Luxul Router - Epic 5: Domotz Agent is now available on the Luxul Router - Epic 5 series SNMP Templates: for some devices, OiD are suggested to the user during an SNMP sensor setup CyberSecurity Features (Beta on request): TCP Open Ports scanner (WAN), Default Credentials Scanner and UPNP Port Forwarding Scanner (Router/Modem security issue) CleanUp Agent Data: user can now clean-up completely the data of an Agent, and start scanning a new network (without requiring the re-configuration of the Agent). This now allows users to Configure the Agent in a network, then ship or relocate on a different network, and start scanning from scratch Denon and Marantz integration: new 2018 models (both Denon and Marantz) cannow bemanaged remotely through an intuitive interfaceavailable in theDomotz Pro App and WebApp. Network and Device reboots, Zone Info and controls on the Zones, System Info, Streaming Services list and more is now available Blacklist of devices: some Devices may have problems when scanned with network monitoring tools. Although not common, this is typically related to scanned devices that have legacy firmware. It is now possible to blacklist a Device from being monitored by Domotz Pro agent Improvements: Device Rediscovery: it is now possible to delete an online device, to allow the Domotz Pro service to re-discover it. This is very useful if the user want to clean-up all the previously discovered data for a specific device Power activity logs: Reboot, on/off and software restart activites of supported devices (through PDUs, PoE and supported drivers) are now tracked and listed into the "Reports & Logging" tile Ruckus - new firmware support: Ruckus Zone Director with firmware 10.1+ is now supported with Advanced Plan Remote Connections on Public Hostname/IP: it is now possible to create Remote Connections/TCP Tunnel to Public Hostname/IP using the Domotz Agent (Advanced Plan) TCP Tunnel Endpoints: When creating an Open TCP Tunnel, random endpoints (host:port) can be copied directly from the App/WebApp Dummy Device removal: it is now possible to remove Dummy devices Important Devices can be blocked: it is now possible to configure an Important Device as "blockable" by an end-customer (through Violet - Customer Facing App) See Blocked Devices:Domotz Pro user can now see if a device has been blocked or if it has a scheduled block configured in Violet - Customer Facing App Serial Number:some devices are now reporting the Serial Number directly into Domotz Pro FIX: Control4 firmware version was not retrieved for some newer versions Dummy Devices could not be controlled through Violet Long Community String (SNMP) could not be edited from the Mobile App Known limitations: Eyes configured for deleted devices affect the total counting of Eyes Devices with multiple network interfaces (multiple MAC address) can't be merged into single device Field Operators can't set alerts on Domotz Eyes (SNMP Custom OID and TCP Services monitoring) Static IP address on the Domotz Box cannot be configured before configuring the Agent External monitoring of public and private subnets might not work properly on Raspberry Pi installations Multiple Devices logically connected to a Managed Switch Port: in case of WiFi AP connected to a switch port, the information is not available at the WiFi AP info
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  5. TCP Tunnel - Crestron from remote

    Hi all, This is all the steps to connect from remote to your Savant controller using Domotz Pro: Crestron Instruction Select the CrestronProcessor devicefrom the Domotz WebApp → Device list→ Device Go to "Connect" tab Click on "Open a TCP tunnel" Insert the Crestron Processor TCP Port. By default "41795" Wait to have the tunnel setup You get two informations: Host Port Open Crestron Toolbox program on your Laptop and: Open a new project Insert the previously retrieved Host/Port to be inserted here (see attachment as an example) Save & Apply Let us know if you have any problem.
  6. Violet error "Action disabled" when pausing devices

    Sorry for the delay in getting back to you. You might check purchasing the Domotz Box directly on Krika store. Alternatively ADI I'm aware sell the Domotz boxes as well (re-branded Luxul and Trendnet).
  7. Port Map / Topology

    Hi JoshFink, Domotz already has the ability to show which device is attached to each port of a switch. We do not have a "graphical" map yet, but definitely the feature is cool because if you go in the "Interfaces" tab of a switch, you can see which devices are attached to each port. On the other side, if you go into any device, you will see the link to the switch+port it is attached. This is supported for any managed switch that support SNMP in a standard way. If you have issues with your specific switch, I'd recommend to contact our support.
  8. Price Jumps

    Hi Boojew, Domotz is already available for VM installations. We maintain a Debian version of our agent, so you can create a VM mounting a standard Debian OS (512MB RAM, 64-bit). You will just need to make sure that you configure a virtual bridged network card, which is an option available within virtualisation software. In our portal there are all instructions here
  9. Price Jumps

    Hey @Silvio- any news on having the ability to run Domotz as a VM or from a container? I think this could be a very exciting move
  10. Port Map / Topology

    Hi, any update on the availability of this feature? The ability to map out what is attached to each port would be huge for me. Thanks
  11. @Giancarlo?
  12. @Giancarlo? Anything on this? Thanks!
  13. UDP tunnel

    Looking for UDP Tunnel as well. Is this something being developed?
  14. Agent restart loops

    Hi @erichalv, Could you please send us the complete log files in the folder /var/log/domotz/ to our support channel: We will investigate the issue. Thanks! Henrique Salvador Domotz Support
  15. UDP tunnel

    Hi Dimitri, Unfortunately UDP is not supported. Henrique Salvador Domotz Support
  16. Agent restart loops

    The domotz_forever.log shows this: Running on Raspi Stretch, noticed these issues just after the upgrade. Performed a full removal and reinstallation using the agent links provided. I think the relevant issue is this: domotoz_listener.log Something running on port 67
  17. Brand Specific Model Tested/Supported Notes Domotz Features Denon & Marantz (special integration) Denon AVC-X6500H Denon AVR-S640H Denon AVR-S740H Denon AVR-S940H Denon AVR-X1500H Denon AVR-X2500H Denon AVR-X3500H Denon AVR-X4500H Denon AVR-X6500H Marantz AV7705 Marantz NR1509 Marantz NR1609 Marantz SR5013 Marantz SR6013 Marantz SR7013 telnet and http need to be enabled reboot reboot/on/off zones basic information model firmware serial advanced information custom http port update available connection type temperature video in/out audio type hdmi settings info music services protection history Sonos (special integration) Sonos BOOST Sonos BOOTLEG Sonos BRIDGE Sonos CONNECT Sonos CONNECT:AMP SonosDOCK Sonos PLAY:1 Sonos PLAY:3 Sonos PLAY:5 Sonos PLAYBAR Sonos PLAYBASE Sonos SUB Sonos ZP100 Sonos ZP80 http needs to be enabled reboot reboot/on/off wifi basic information name room model firmware advanced information wifi and ethernet status now playing signal strength Google Chromecast Chromecast 1 Chromecast 2 Eureka based models should be supported reboot basic information firmware model DirectTV reboot Nuvo p100 p3100 P10/20/30 reboot only available for firmware 4.0+ and devices that aren't keypads reboot (some) basic information model firmware logo Yamaha WXC-50 RX-V479 RX-V579 RX-A550 HTR-4068 TSR-5790 RX-S601 RX-S601D RX-V679 RX-A750 RX-V779 RX-A850 RX-A1050 RX-V1079 RX-A2050 RX-V2079 RX-A3050 RX-V3079 HTR-6068 TSR-7790 RX-AS710 RX-AS710D CX-A5100 R-N602 NX-N500 CD-NT670 CD-NT670D ISX-80 WX-030 SRT-1500 YSP-1600 YSP-5600 RX-V481 RX-V481D RX-V581 RX-A660 HTR-4069 HTR-5069 TSR-5810 RX-V681 RX-A760 RX-V781 RX-A860 RX-A1060 RX-V1081 RX-A2060 RX-V2081 RX-A3060 RX-V3081 TSR-7810 WXA-50 R-N402 R-N402D CRX-N470 CRX-N470D ISX-18 ISX-18D WX-010 YAS-306 YAS-706 YSP-2700 Some models may not have reboot reboot (some) basic information model logo
  18. Oops. Didn't have reply notifications turned on.. Canada
  19. UDP tunnel

    Hello, I need a UDP tunnel to do so programming of our remote KNX systems. Is that possible with Domotz? Kinds regards, Dimitri
  20. 2N Doorstation Support

    Have you considered supporting advanced monitoring for IP doorstations, ideally 2N ones? These are widely-used and alsosold by Control4 and Savant as their own. They have a comprehensiveAPI andSNMP support: Would be veryuseful to log and alert on SIP registration failures. Thanks, Tom
  21. Domotz + Vivaldi = True

    wow... this is great! thanks CoolAEW for sharing that!
  22. Domotz + Vivaldi = True

    Here you go
  23. Any plans for a REST API?

    Well, let's mention that the entire Portal, Mobile App and WebApp are built around REST APIs. However, those are not public yet (at least in terms of documentation). However, if you can share with me (just drop me an email through giancarlo (at) with a few example/use cases for using the Domotz API, I can drive you through some examples of using the existing API endpoints.
  24. Domotz + Vivaldi = True

    Thanks for sharing this. Can you post a screenshot of how you have customized your Vivaldi browser using the Domotz dashboard?
  25. Hey guys - any plans for an api endpoint we could use to get data from portal? Thanks
  26. Domotz + Vivaldi = True

    Just wanted to let you guys know that the Domotz portal app works great as a web side panel in the Vivaldi Browser! Just add a web panel
  27. Violet error "Action disabled" when pausing devices

    There is a technical reason for this limitation. Which country are you located?
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