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  2. Agent restart loops

    Hi @erichalv, Could you please send us the complete log files in the folder /var/log/domotz/ to our support channel: We will investigate the issue. Thanks! Henrique Salvador Domotz Support
  3. UDP tunnel

    Hi Dimitri, Unfortunately UDP is not supported. Henrique Salvador Domotz Support
  4. Agent restart loops

    The domotz_forever.log shows this: Running on Raspi Stretch, noticed these issues just after the upgrade. Performed a full removal and reinstallation using the agent links provided. I think the relevant issue is this: domotoz_listener.log Something running on port 67
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  6. Brand Specific Model Tested/Supported Notes Domotz Features Denon & Marantz (special integration) Denon AVC-X6500H Denon AVR-S640H Denon AVR-S740H Denon AVR-S940H Denon AVR-X1500H Denon AVR-X2500H Denon AVR-X3500H Denon AVR-X4500H Denon AVR-X6500H Marantz AV7705 Marantz NR1509 Marantz NR1609 Marantz SR5013 Marantz SR6013 Marantz SR7013 telnet and http need to be enabled reboot reboot/on/off zones basic information model firmware serial advanced information custom http port update available connection type temperature video in/out audio type hdmi settings info music services protection history Sonos (special integration) Sonos BOOST Sonos BOOTLEG Sonos BRIDGE Sonos CONNECT Sonos CONNECT:AMP SonosDOCK Sonos PLAY:1 Sonos PLAY:3 Sonos PLAY:5 Sonos PLAYBAR Sonos PLAYBASE Sonos SUB Sonos ZP100 Sonos ZP80 http needs to be enabled reboot reboot/on/off wifi basic information name room model firmware advanced information wifi and ethernet status now playing signal strength Google Chromecast Chromecast 1 Chromecast 2 Eureka based models should be supported reboot basic information firmware model DirectTV reboot Nuvo p100 p3100 P10/20/30 reboot only available for firmware 4.0+ and devices that aren't keypads reboot (some) basic information model firmware logo Yamaha WXC-50 RX-V479 RX-V579 RX-A550 HTR-4068 TSR-5790 RX-S601 RX-S601D RX-V679 RX-A750 RX-V779 RX-A850 RX-A1050 RX-V1079 RX-A2050 RX-V2079 RX-A3050 RX-V3079 HTR-6068 TSR-7790 RX-AS710 RX-AS710D CX-A5100 R-N602 NX-N500 CD-NT670 CD-NT670D ISX-80 WX-030 SRT-1500 YSP-1600 YSP-5600 RX-V481 RX-V481D RX-V581 RX-A660 HTR-4069 HTR-5069 TSR-5810 RX-V681 RX-A760 RX-V781 RX-A860 RX-A1060 RX-V1081 RX-A2060 RX-V2081 RX-A3060 RX-V3081 TSR-7810 WXA-50 R-N402 R-N402D CRX-N470 CRX-N470D ISX-18 ISX-18D WX-010 YAS-306 YAS-706 YSP-2700 Some models may not have reboot reboot (some) basic information model logo
  7. Oops. Didn't have reply notifications turned on.. Canada
  8. UDP tunnel

    Hello, I need a UDP tunnel to do so programming of our remote KNX systems. Is that possible with Domotz? Kinds regards, Dimitri
  9. 2N Doorstation Support

    Have you considered supporting advanced monitoring for IP doorstations, ideally 2N ones? These are widely-used and alsosold by Control4 and Savant as their own. They have a comprehensiveAPI andSNMP support: Would be veryuseful to log and alert on SIP registration failures. Thanks, Tom
  10. Domotz + Vivaldi = True

    wow... this is great! thanks CoolAEW for sharing that!
  11. Domotz + Vivaldi = True

    Here you go
  12. Any plans for a REST API?

    Well, let's mention that the entire Portal, Mobile App and WebApp are built around REST APIs. However, those are not public yet (at least in terms of documentation). However, if you can share with me (just drop me an email through giancarlo (at) with a few example/use cases for using the Domotz API, I can drive you through some examples of using the existing API endpoints.
  13. Domotz + Vivaldi = True

    Thanks for sharing this. Can you post a screenshot of how you have customized your Vivaldi browser using the Domotz dashboard?
  14. Hey guys - any plans for an api endpoint we could use to get data from portal? Thanks
  15. Domotz + Vivaldi = True

    Just wanted to let you guys know that the Domotz portal app works great as a web side panel in the Vivaldi Browser! Just add a web panel
  16. Violet error "Action disabled" when pausing devices

    There is a technical reason for this limitation. Which country are you located?
  17. WOL While Online

    I've got exactly same problem likeguirihad. Windows 10/ 1709/16299.309 on MSI MS-7976 with Killer E2400 Gigaabit Ethernet Controller. Setting ass follow: Bios: Resume by PCI-E Device Enable as there is no Resume by LAN option. EuP 2013 disabled. Win10: E2400 Gigaabit Ethernet Controller Advenced: Wake on MagicPacket: checked Wake on patter match: checked Power Management: Allow this device to wake up computer: checked Only allow a magic packet to wake this computer: checked Power Options: Turn on Fast Startup: not checked Computer is in sleep mode Domotz showsdevice is online WoL packet from other app wakes it up correctly. Any idea whats wrong?
  18. Aten PDU Control via Violet App

    Thanks Giancarlo, I think I have got this to work as suggested. Paul
  19. Is there a technical reason for this or is it a commercial decision? I would love to have this feature, but Domotz pro boxes in my region are fairly expensive.
  20. Host Resource Monitoring

    Yes, sorry - my FR was 100%. I was looking for auto discovery of resources.
  21. Multiple Internet Connections

    The workaround you have in mind, is the one I can think about. If I understood correctly, you use the External Public IP/Hostname monitoring, which is initialized from the Agent point of view. Are the multiple Internet Connections having different public IP addresses? If so, why you should configure static route to the secondary public IP address?
  22. Host Resource Monitoring

    We are working to make the SNMP - Custom OiD configuration easier to be done. So far, there are some templates which can help in the configuration of SNMP monitoring (including the Alerting) for the CPU, Mem and volume, especially for the Linux server. We will look forward to add similar templated for Windows server and ESX as well. It would be great to list the OiD and Type for these parameters, so that the template creation is easier.
  23. I would love for Domotz to give me some basic host resource monitoring for my Windows, Linux, ESX, etc.. hosts. SNMP would be fine by me for this. I'd like to see CPU, memory and disk with the ability to have alerts for these.
  24. Multiple Internet Connections

    We have many clients with multiple Internet connections. Is there any way people are checking that the backup connection is online and reachable? We use another monitoring platform for workstations and servers that has the ability to do this because it's hosted in AWS, but I'd like to have that functionality in Domotz too. The only way I've come up with a way to monitor this is set a static route to a specific host on the firewall through the backup connection and monitor that external host from the Domotz. Thanks!
  25. Price Jumps

    Hi Swiss! Domotz have a bunch of additional features which are meant for professional users willing to support their customersto serve their customers (remote connection, Power management, team management, 2Fa, customisable reports an clients app,as well as support for multiple vlan, external subnet, special integration of specific vendors, switchnetwork mapping, collaboration,...). I would not exactly compare with our brotherFingbox . Giving the possibility to HW manufacturers to onboard our solution is for us an important step for the growth of our business. For instance you can see that there are brandsthat are now integrating domotzin their routers! We would have never been able to become a router manufacturer! I think that at least two of the brands selling domotz boxes are definitely distributingin Switzerland, where we have quite few customers. Also pleaseplease note thisis not happening against free platforms. We are constantly increasing he number of NAS supported, we keep publishing packages for debian and raspbian and few more surprises are coming for all those that do not want buy a box:our team is working at publishing packages for other linux platforms,as well as a domotz docker and domotz vm. Avoiding directly the "hardware and box movingbusiness" also allows our team to focus 100% of our resources into our core business and expertise, which is software. I guess you can understand the reasons of thischoice. Thank you, Silvio PS - For PoE swtches not supported: please just drop an email to support! Integration is often easy but for many models we need to do some bits of customisation. - Very sorry to hear your statement about our customer service reps. Usually our support team is very proactive and fast in addressing issues. I think most of our customers can only say good words about our support team. But nobody of us is perfect, so pleasecould you drop me a private message to better understand your issues?
  26. Price Jumps

    Your problem is that you're ejecting yourself out of many markets by cooperating with distributors of Hardware considered exotic in many markets. In my market, Switzerland, none of the exotic, niche market products are readily available and the distributors you list either don't trade here at all or don't sell your box. . There simply is no option to purchase Domotz hardware anymore. At least not here. I have to resort to using the barely usable agent on a QNAP (issues are to numerous to list here) or the only slightly less erratic agent on a Raspberry Pi. Neither of which is anywhere near reliable enough to actually monitor a network. I run both on my network and not once do the device lists agree and they never reflect the actual network state, each listing false and misleading information about connected devices and their names and services. Fing, even without a box is inifinitely more reliable and lists devices, services and states accurately, at leastas long as i don't update my clients to iOS 11. Howcome Fing and Domotz appear to be at completely opposite ends of the product quality scale? (I know the two are intended for different target audiences, my assessment is solely based on accuracy of the information presented in each) Since I really like Domotz's concept, I was willing to give the product one more chance with a Domotz box, but since the box is no longer available to me, that option is out the window as well, which is very regrettable. I guess i'll have to revert back to Icinga and deploy that at my customers' networks since I need to be able to monitor those reliably. In its current state I can't deploy Domotz with a clear conscience, let alone charge for it and attempt to justify the price hikes on top of that. It's a shame, really as I still find the concept nothing short of brilliant, yet the execution seems to be nowhere near ready for prime time. Example: Who knew all Ethernet ports of both my QNAPs are now miraculously delivering Power over PoE to all my devices including the Netgear PoESwitches that Domotz does not recognize as such? By the way, the attitude of your customerservice reps does not help to build or restore confidence, it only helps destroying the remaining little goodwill towards Domotz that's still there.
  27. We are finalising the development of some network security features, which I am sure most of our users will love. The idea is that Domotz will periodically runasecurity assessment of yournetwork and alert you if any new threatis found. We are looking for few volunteers happy to try this feature on their agents. Please write me in private if interested. Thank you!
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