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  3. Control4 Zigbee support

    Hi there! Thank you for posting on our forums, I will try to answer your question as best as I can. We used to extract and display the Zigbee device's names (from SNMP) but after firmware version 2.10 Control4 removed the MIBs that were providing that data and we currently cannot enrich the device data with it. That being said we have also been working on finding alternative ways to get that so keep a lookout Regards, Georgi
  4. Better Logging and Security

    +1 This would definitely be nice to have. I agree with soloithz23 that there's no point to having duplicate reporting for device lists.
  5. Updated Tiered Credit Pricing

    That was exactly what was going on. Sorry about the confusion. Good to know about the license transfer possibility.
  6. Reports History for Devices and ISP Downtime

    Even if you just generated a printable onscreen report that would suffice. No pdf is needed. Or use spreadsheet format? I don't mind taking a snapshot of the screen for now as long as the info we need is there to be seen. Specifically offline events for specific devices or the wan connection. After all, isn't this the whole reason domotz exists? To give us insight into the state of the network? I can say to a client your dvr went offline 20 times this week but if I had a report to "prove" it..thats power.
  7. Better Logging and Security

    Hi there are 2 reports available, the last 30 days and a device report. The last 30 day report only shows 30 day status for the wan connection and then basically shows a device list which is useless as that is available in the other report. I would love to see a report that showed the amount of offline events for all the devices. I realize with a large project that could be lengthy so maybe there could be a "filter by device" option before the report is generated. This would be a phenomenal feature that is an absolute necessity. After all, this would prove to the client the value of the domotz box. Please implement this asap.
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  9. Updated Tiered Credit Pricing

    Well, the price of 90 credits is because you probably have Violet - Customer Facing App Element activated for that Agent. That is the additional cost of 0.5 credit/month required for that feature. With regard to your last question: definitely, if you need to replace the Domotz Box (RMA or something else) we will take care of the license transfer for you.
  10. Can a remote access session or HTTP/TCP remote access be initiated via the Domotz provisioning/update mechanism? Is that access logged? Can that access for anything other than auto-updating the software/firmware be required to also use two-factor authentication? I'm concerned that his represents a "back door" that cannot be audited or closed.
  11. Open Port Check & Alerts

    Will try and do soon. Stay tuned
  12. Happy to hear positive feedback about the 2FA. About the last questions from SpivR: - In our website, under Knowledge Base -->Technical Documents, there is a high-level overview of our security practices. Please have a look. - All components of our system (cloud, apps, box - including provisioning) obey to our practices, and we do regular pen testing. Moreover please note that wehave, among customers, also very large companies that are periodically executing pen testing against us and scrutinising our processes. This is in addition to what we do internally. - Remote sessions to client site: please note that all the remote accesses to devices are logged inside the report & logging section of each agent. So, if one of your team members connected to a given devices you will see logged there he date+time+account+session_type. In this logging part you can also add manual comments, to keep track of special activities you may have done.
  13. Updated Tiered Credit Pricing

    I started using Domotz right around the price change, which has definitely lead to some confusion on my part. I can see where starting value of credits is $3 if you buy 1000 credits at $3000. That's quite a difference from being able to get 100 at $2.99/ea, unless I'm missing something. As for the lifetime license, I'm an idiot. I was trying to find the lifetime option by clicking Buy More, not through extending an agent. However, my portal is showing 90 credits required for a lifetime license, not 60 or even 66. Question about the lifetime licenses: If our Domotz box needs to be replaced, does the license transfer?
  14. Updated Tiered Credit Pricing

    I confirm that the pricing for the credits have changed just one time in the last 2 years (since we are basically on the market). It has changed at the beginning of this year:we have introduced a tiering based pricing model, and the starting point for the value of credits is still $3. As you can understand, we can guarantee the same cost for a much smaller quantity of credits that users want to purchase (e.g. you can now purchase a single credit, or a package of 12 credits). With regard to the lifetime license, this is still available to be applied to the Agent. Actually the cost in credits for the lifetime license have been reduced with the pricing change: it was 66 credits, and it is now 60 credits. To apply the lifetime license, just click on Extend (from Portall --> Subscriptions) and select the Lifetime. If you need further clarifications, do not hesitate to contact us at support(at)
  15. Updated Tiered Credit Pricing

    Old post but just noticed the lifetime licensing has been removed from the subscriptions options. Anyone know when and why this happened? They were only available for a few months. Also, what's going on with the credit pricing. Every time I look at it it goes up. I got 100 credits for $2.99/ea not even 4 months ago. Now they are about $4.25/ea around that volume. Is this going to stabilize?
  16. Two-factor authentication is a great addition! I have a security-related question: Is there a document or description of the security policies of Domotz? (Not privacy and user data, but security practices and any independent audits or standards compliance.) What level of access is provided to Domotz via the automated software update and provisioning process? Is the access provided through this mechanism a "Back Door" that bypasses the normal login credentials, including 2-Factor authentication? In the theoretical but possible situation of a disgruntled employee or engineer, how much access do they have to my client's networks? Can they initiate remote connections and remote sessions without my knowledge or control?
  17. THANK YOU!!! I can finally consider Domotz a serious tool for use in my network.
  18. Open Port Check & Alerts

    Interesting. While I was at CES, my my buddy got an open port alert from his Fing box. Since Domotz and Fing are the same company and basically the same service branded for different channels why can't the Domotz box do the same? This would be REALLY useful to a custom installer.
  19. Synology DS218+

    Hi Giancarlo, Do you have an estimated date when the Domotz Agent will be supported on the Synology DS218+ ? Many thanks!
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  21. I love that we can see zigbee device signal strength, and device type, any chance we could have a field to add a name? It would be even better if the names could be imported from the system directly, but I realize that may not be possible. TIA!
  22. List different network separately

    Customizing field names or allowing for an ad-hoc tagging system would allow for more granular sorting. Overall as I've mentioned to Giancarlo, the grouping/filtering to segment devices could be improved for larger networks, which would make the UX more consistent with RMM tools used on the IT side.
  23. Autotask Endpoint Management

    Hi Silvio. Interesting question. AEM overlaps with network scanning and SNMP, proxy tunnel access, etc. But your UI and ability to tag devices isnicer, so I imagine passing the notification and status info back to AEM but then ideally, allowing for device-level click-thru back to theDomotz portal if we need to follow the notification to drill down on the Domotzside.
  24. Autotask Endpoint Management

    Hi Silvio, We are also interested in this thread, We would like to achieve the same as Grossmat mentioned. Is there currently a way to feed alerts/ notifications from domotz to AEM? Thanks, Chris
  25. Autotask Endpoint Management

    Hi Grossmat, are you just talking about feeding alerts/notifications from domotz to AEM, or do you mean something more?
  26. Domotz no longer running on my QNAP

    Hi @pringlee, @djatwork and @Aleborg, we really sorry about that, please send us an email to and we will help you. Add to the email: Exact model of the NAS Firmware version of the NAS system Also, please collect the Domotz logs available on your QNAP (connecting via ssh) at the following path: /var/log/domotz/ Thank you for your patience, Henrique Salvador Domotz Support
  27. Domotz no longer running on my QNAP

    Hi, Same problem here, the installation gets stuck on 80% when trying to install from the market. Got a Qnap TS-1253U and the latest version of QTS(
  28. Awesome! Just enabled it and found a few minor glitches (sending support email) but overall a great job and a welcome security addition! Now, if you could add direct integration in the app with1Password login manager (as many other apps are doing) it would be an ideal solution since1Password has built-in support for both passwords &generating and using 2FA codes all in one place. (1Password is also cross platform with clients/apps for iOS, Android, Windows, & Mac so it has broad appeal/usage.)
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