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  1. WOL While Online

    So WOL for Mac computers is basically broken (thanks Apple) The Bonjour features seem to keep the network cards alive and replying to pings even while the OS is sleeping (Remote Desktop unavail, etc) The issue with this is that Domotz is constantly getting ping heartbeats so it believes the Macs are still online, thus WOL feature of Domotz is unavail. I would like to ask that WOL featurebe available all the time, not just when Domotz believes that a device is offline. This would solve this issue, and save me time from SShing into Raspbian to send a wakeonlan
  2. Would be nice to have a mac (maybe windows too) app that will connect to the agent and, trough an encrypted communication, tunnelbonjour services so dedicated app can remotely control/manage devices on the network. (see old SLINK app)
  3. Port and Services

    It wounld be nice if the agent would do a port scan and list the available services as well as list up the available Bonjour services.