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  1. devices discovery

    Hello, I own a Domotz Box. the network setting is: (eth0) / 16 I have devices that have IP address 10.0.4.xx the Domotz agent does not detect it, while 695 devices with IP,, are detected. The last IP address detected is Where can the problem come from? Thank you ---- Bonjour, je possède un Domotz Box. le réglage réseau est : (eth0) / 16 J'ai des machines qui ont pour adresse IP 10.0.4.xx l'agent Domotz ne le détecte pas, alors que les machines 695 machines ayant pour IP,, sont bien détecté. La dernière adresse IP détectée est D'où peut venir le problème ? Merci
  2. Device database

    Hi it would be very usefully to be able to download the device list and edit the information eg name of devices then upload it back up then the generated reports would be more usefully to the endclient aslo a api calls would be good so we can extract the data to our back end reporting system Cheers Neil J
  3. Can I suggest to include the ability to filter devices in Alert Manager in the same way as the filter under the devices view. Also, how about indicate favorite and up/down status for the devices in Alert Manager?
  4. Device Type

    Not sure how Domotz determines the initial device types. My Synology router is recognized as a NAS, my QNAP and Buffalo NASes are generic types as well as my Securifi router.