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  1. Hi All,I'm a newbieto the Domotzforum. I have just purchased a brand newQNAP TS-453B nas last week, and I installed Domotz agent (QNAP refers this to "App") over the weekend and it freezesmy NAS. That is, I am unable to log into my TS-453B web pages, SSH/Telnet, etc.logins. I can ping and see the TS-453B ports, etc., but no login.I'm also able to run Domotz agent/app on my other QNAP nas TS-451 and TS-251 but not TS-453B. It appears Domotz agent is not compatible with my TS-453B. I've raised the issuewith QNAP serive desk, but no responseas of yet. Can anyone please provide any advise- besidesnot running Domotzagent on myTS-453B? Cheers! P.S. I'm not an expert SSH'er :o)