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  1. TCP/SNMP History

    I got a couple of alerts this morning about a tcp service I’m monitoring on a device going down. Checked the log file on the device and it shows an abnormal reboot. Then I checked the Domotz history for the device and there’s nothing there. Does Domotz not log the TCP services/SNMP that are being watched for alerts? How can I see the device history for those things?
  2. Status/History of Agent doesn't match alerts

    Hi, Last night, one of our client's had a power cut, and hence the Agent was offline. I received an alert email as expected. When power was restored, I received an Up email as expected. When clicking on the agent in the app, it shows that it has had 0 status changes in the last 24hours and 2months of uptime. There's nothing in the history. Is this correct?