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  1. WOL While Online

    So WOL for Mac computers is basically broken (thanks Apple) The Bonjour features seem to keep the network cards alive and replying to pings even while the OS is sleeping (Remote Desktop unavail, etc) The issue with this is that Domotz is constantly getting ping heartbeats so it believes the Macs are still online, thus WOL feature of Domotz is unavail. I would like to ask that WOL featurebe available all the time, not just when Domotz believes that a device is offline. This would solve this issue, and save me time from SShing into Raspbian to send a wakeonlan
  2. Can I say up front that I love Domotz and think that it is sensational software in every respectI have put a lot of effort into setting it up, identifying all the devices on my network (over 40) and have set up a few alerts. Some devices have multiple MAC addresses (i.e. LAN and WiFi) all of which I captured (bringing the total to over 50 network devices). It gave me a great sense of confidence knowing exactly what was connected so I put a lot of effort into this process. Then yesterday I got the alert from hell which said "A new device branded XYZ has joined your network" The alertgave details like name, make and MAC address.This of course put me into a mad panicbecause I had a very good idea of what was on my network. Had my kid given the WiFi password to one of his mates? Had the network been compromised?Then an hour later I got a second alert, then a third.By the time I got home I went into lock-down mode. Changed passwords. Locked the network down to known MAC addresses. Interrogated my kid. Nothing. PRODUCT IDEA Then the thought occurred to me that whenever Domotz detects a new device, it could relatively easily go into"promiscuous mode" and start capturing packets for the new device that has joined the network. That would be very helpful. Packet capture would provide a lot of useful data at this point. For example - if Domotz ever wanted to add an optional extra, you could provide an optional service where you analyse the traffic and advise what is going on. Or providethe data so that a mug user like me could use Wireshark or a similar program to attempt to analyse the data captured from the Packet sniffing process would be very useful to try and figure out what is going on. It could be as benign as someone stealing internet, or something more sinister.