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  1. Migrating Agent from NAS to Domotz Box

    Hi, We ran a test using a QNAP agent at a client site and have now installed a permanent domotz box. The domotz box has not yet been configured, but I have remote access to it via VPN. Can you direct me to how we can migrate the existing configuration from the old NAS agent to the new domotz agent and then I'll delete the NAS agent (currently in an expired state). Many thanks, Oliver
  2. On June 15th 2016, I received an E-Mail notification from the Fingbox Staff titled "Important update about your Fingbox subscription". After doing some additional research on Domotz as a whole and their Domotz Pro product offering, I must say that I am in distress looking for a Fingbox alternative as Domotz Pro has some significant shortfalls. Below, I have copied and pasted portions of the E-Mail I received and will comment as to why Domotz Pro is NOT a good fit for us Fingbox subscribers: As you may have heard in recent weeks,Fing has now joined forces with Domotz, a leading provider of professional network monitoring software.In order to allocate more resources to improving Fing, we are mergingDomotz PROand Fingboxservices into 1 professional grade product. Merging Domotz Pro and Fing hasimportant implications on your Fingbox account. Here is what you need to know. Fingbox/Domotz Pro Integration We are no longer offering any new subscriptions or license extensions for our Fingbox service and plan to retire the application on July 31st2016. That's BAD News for us Fingbox subscribers! I've been a Fingbox subscriber since 2012, and Fingbox has been one of the most important tools in my Technical Support arsenal. We encourage all existing Fingbox users to migrate over to Domotz Pro, where you'll be able to get all Fingbox features plus many more at a similar price point. That is just a BOLD FACE LIE! Allow me to explain. Fingbox has Windows Agents know as "Sentinels" and requires NO additional Hardware purchase / installation. I currently monitor 12 networks with Fingbox. Being forced over to Domotz Pro, I would have to purchase a minimum of $880 worth of hardware to maintain the same monitoring capability. Additionally, an annual Fingbox subscription costs me less than $100 per year. Domotz Pro at $3 per month, per network, is going to wind up costing me over $430 per year! That's more than four times the cost of my annual Fingbox subscription! In what parallel universe is that considered a "similar price point"? Give me a break! DomotzProis Domotz's professional network monitoring software, which costs only 2.99 (USD/Euros/GBP)*a month per network for monitoring an unlimited number of devices. The software also offers an enhanced set of functionality compared toFingbox, Really? I have to mention the lack of Windows compatible Agents again. . . ranging from remote power management and remote connectivityto automatic port mapping (check outall the features below). After July 31st2016 allFingbox accounts will be retiredand anyunusedportion of your Fingboxsubscription will be reimbursed to you. Gee, thanks a lot, Fingbox / Domotz! That is so generous of you! You're going to refund me 20 bucks, and for all intents and purposes poke out my eyes (the ability to see what is going on with my networks). You are also able to add any unused portion of your Fingbox subscription to your Domotz Pro account, should you decide to migrate. In conclusion: Do my comments above sound bitter? You're damn right they do! I'm pissed! Based on just these fewdifferences alone, I can't see why ANY Fingbox subscriber would migrate toDomotz Pro. So Domotz Staff. . . I'm sure that this rant has gotten your attention. What are you going to do about it?