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  1. PoE Switches We currently supportAutomated Switch Port Mapping & PoE for the following switches. Updated list as of October 19th, 2017: Brand Model #s Tested Notes Araknis AN-300-SW-8-POE AN-210-SW-24-POE Cisco Cisco SG-xxx Catalyst 2960 Catalys 3560 Catalyst 3650 Catalyst 3750 Draytek Vigor Switch P1100 Vigor Switch P2261 HP 5406Rzl2 2920 snmp based shaman triggered recognition on/off of poe ports port mapping port poe consumption max poe budget model info firmware version info Luxul AMS-2616P AMS-4424P AMS-1208P XMS-5248 XMS-5248 Possible problem when using with VLANs: Fix: Change the allowed VLANS in the VLAN config Midspan POE75U-1UP-N-R POE240U-1MP-N-R POE240U-2MP-N-R POE125U-4AT-N-R POE240U-4UP-N-R POE576U-4MP-N-R POE576U-8UP-N-R POE806U-8MP-N-R snmp based Does not have port mapping! on/off of poe ports model info firmware version info Mikrotik 962UIGS-5HACT2HNT Does not show PoE consumption information Planet SGSW-24040P4 GS-4210 Pakedge SX-24P16 SX-8P Ubiquiti EdgeSwitch models EdgePoint Switch ToughSwitch Unifi models Needs snmp read to be set to public Doesn't need snmp write since the on/off is telnet based Automatic Port Mapping We currently supportAutomated Switch Port Mapping for all the Managed Network switches compliant with RFC4188
  2. 10/21 - 2016 Release Notes

    This change log covers what's changed in Domotz Pro service since previous Release Notes. These changes include Domotz Pro cloud APIs, Domotz Agent and Domotz Pro App. Since previous Release Notes new versions of Domotz Agent and Domotz Pro App have been released. In order to fully exploit the new features, functionalities and bug fixes released, please make sure you have installed the latest version of: Domotz Pro Mobile App: check on Apple Store or Google Play. Latest version as of today is 1.3.0 Domotz Agent: check onDomotz Portalunder the license tab. Latest version as per today is 1.2.1 Domotz Pro WebApp is always updated to the latest version. October 21st,2016 Domotz Pro App: 1.3.0-Domotz Agent: 1.2.1 New Features: · Periodic ping graph added to Speed Test graph · Search and Sort capabilities added to the Dashboard · Reboot buttons added for: o Sonos o Control4 · New Supported Devices: o Netgear GS728TP PoE switches o Planet SGSW-24040P4 PoE switches o Araknis AN-300-SW-8-POE switches Fixes · Up/down count now accurate Team members can now set Alerts on Services
  3. It looks like the MarvellArmada 375 package will work on the Annapurna Labs based models from Netgear. So far we've only tested it on theRN204, but it seems to be working just fine. This is unsupported, but if you have a recent ReadyNAS, please give it a go and report back here.