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  1. Product Information

    Hello, I am evaluating using the Domotz Pro and it seems to fit the bill in many aspects. Admittedly I do not have one yet, but it is on order as such I will have more hands-on comments coming. But in the evaluation "to buy or not to buy" I am coming short on the following... I have scoured the website and done general internet searches. So if the information is available, apologies for not finding it, but at the same time... it is thus hard to find and maybe should be made more accessible. I have also tried the demo site, to see if I could get answers out of it, but the “demo” limitations do not permit me things like… seeing a report (email disabled) I’m looking for a sample report…. What is the report that you can have emailed to you at the end of the month? In what format does it come? Can a template be applied? How in depth is it? Is there an Installer version and customer version? Does the report outline device performance over time? Does the report outline device usage over time? Does the report outline specific functions usage (extracted from SNMP calls or alike) On the features page ( it talks about Network Mapping Please explain? What kind of network mapping? I see no network Topology page.. does it exist? Is there a visual layout of the network? A Map of devices connected per switch? Switch / Router / Firewall / WLAN layouts? Trunk size / performance? VLANs visualisations? Am I even understanding what the feature Network Mapping is about? (In your vision) Under Alerts it mentions - Intruder/New Device Is this outlined in the report? Does an alert get send when a new device tries to gain access? Does this alert allow you to respond with a Allow/Disallow function? Are there login alert/intrusion protection into the Domotz box itself? Is there a summary/log analysis for repeated attempts of a device to connect over period? Is there a repeat offender function for blacklisting needs (note.. repeat offenders does not have to be a user willingly trying to ‘get in’ but could be a device simply misbehaving.. having a bug.. or even a virus!!) Under Network Diagnostics you mention - Ethernet Port Monitoring Please elaborate!? Will the Domotz Agent identify which port on a switch devices are connected to? How does this get represented? (Network map? Report? On the device page?) If (for switch reason) it cannot be retrieved, can the information be added manually? On a point of personal feedback.. I did visit you at the ISE2018 on the hope that a conversation could be struck up and I could get answers to some of my doubts, but I seemed to get a little of a cold shoulder from you guys. I clearly understand that an event as such is tiring, and I came relatively late in the day, it’s just a shame to have missed an opportunity there. Hope you can clarify the issues outlined above, or at least give indication where you are on the roadmap to achieve this? Thank you, Tim.
  2. You should add a page that shows the status of the physical agent. CPU load, memory usage, network bandwidth and maybe temperature? I'm currently doing this with htop on SSH, but to be able to view this trough the app would be great!