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  1. I have a number of Domotz devices in networks that most devices are short term devices and so have a number of new devices arriving and leaving. I have noticed that a couple of times a week there is a new device that is automatically classified as an important device. They also seem to get a "Type" automatically assigned. This means that when the device leaves the network, in the summary view I have an alert that shows an important device is down. Once I go and check I reclassify them as indifferent and all is sorted. My question is why do some devices get automatically classified as important on joining the network??? J0nz
  2. Something which would be nice to have as an option, is an alert when a new device is detected on the network. That way you can set the deviceup, and make sure it's not some rogue device or one of your kids/employee'sgiving out your wifi password to the neighbors