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      Android Domotz Pro App - Push Notifications Issue   03/19/18

      Few Android users have experienced issues with Push Notifications on their mobile Domotz Pro App.   There might be a potential incompatibility with your system: if you feel that you are not receiving Push Notifications when events occur (device status changes, or other alerts), a complete uninstall/install back of the App resolves the issue.   Latest version of the Domotz Pro Android App available is 1.6.11.   The issue was introduced by the version 1.6.10. Even if you are running already version 1.6.11 and you experience issue with the Push Notification on Android, we recommend to completely uninstall the App and install it back.

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  1. Not seeing all devices on network.

    Hello I have just installed the agent on my QNAP and it is scanning my network. I have a 10.10.X.X network. The devices that receive an IP from the DHCP server are not showing up, only those devices that have a permanent IP. Is there something I need to do in the configuration to get all the devices to show up? Thanks