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  1. Hi All,I'm a newbieto the Domotzforum. I have just purchased a brand newQNAP TS-453B nas last week, and I installed Domotz agent (QNAP refers this to "App") over the weekend and it freezesmy NAS. That is, I am unable to log into my TS-453B web pages, SSH/Telnet, etc.logins. I can ping and see the TS-453B ports, etc., but no login.I'm also able to run Domotz agent/app on my other QNAP nas TS-451 and TS-251 but not TS-453B. It appears Domotz agent is not compatible with my TS-453B. I've raised the issuewith QNAP serive desk, but no responseas of yet. Can anyone please provide any advise- besidesnot running Domotzagent on myTS-453B? Cheers! P.S. I'm not an expert SSH'er :o)
  2. One of the beta testers has signalled a seriousissueon QNAP TS-809Pro. The devicediscovery does not work properly. Please do not use this model for running the agent until further notice Our team is working on it!
  3. I have been using finbox installed on my pc, and noticed the new partnership with Domotz. I liked that fact that I could install the client on my NAS (Qnap TS-251 Intel based). The domontz app didn't show up in the app store, so installed it manually which worked fine. The problem I'm having is that it is very very slow detecting all the devices (doubt that it's working correctly). After 2 hours it detected 2 devices, now after 4 hoursit has detected 4 of out 25+ devices. Rebooted the QNAP, didn't make a difference. Anybody a suggestion to speed this up?
  4. QNAP NAS recognized that I had Domotz installed and indicated that there was an update available on the QNAP App Store. The update installed without any problems. I did a reset of the agent and the agent indicated it was downloading (another) update. The final result though is that the agent is still not doing a device scan on the TS-269 Pro.