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  1. I am looking to use domotz in an environment like a motel to monitor the wifi access points, router etc. As it is a motel there are a large number of devices that are connected for a short period of time and then leave. I understand no making them interesting or monitored and not enabling the alerting for new devices but how are these short term devices removed from the device list?
  2. Is there a way to automatically start the network connection speed test? we have just put in a new internet connection and I would like to be able to automatically test the speed of the connection eg every hour... Ta
  3. I have been looking through the forums and there is some discussion around SNMP usually in conjunction with network managed switches, I would like to be able to use SNMP for monitoring but cannot find the configuration... (Feel a bit stoopid) can anyone direct me to where they are? Thanks Hardware Raspberry pi 3 Agent Version 1.1.0 Package Version 1.0.9-271
  4. Raspberry Pi is Down

    My agent running on a Raspberry Pi 2 went down two weeks ago on April 4/7. Rebooting does not help; it never reboots and it shows a message that the tasks Swapper and Kwonkers timed out after 120 seconds. Any thoughts?
  5. Can someone advise the location of where to download the agent from as I cannot see it anywhere?