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  1. I have an LG HDTV. After starting the Domotz agent on my Synology, I get a pop-up for a pairing key on my HDTV every 3 minutes. The pop-up is related to the uPnP server on the TV. I'm positive the Domotz agent is causing it; the pop-up halts when I disable the agent. I tried changing the scan frequency to once every 24 hours, but the agent still causes a pop-up every 3 minutes. I didn't see any way to remove the Web Portal on port 8080 from the device on the Connect tab. Any suggest on how to stop the agent from causing this useless pop-up message? It's extremely annoying to have it pop-up every 3 minutes.
  2. Agent causes device outage

    Hi, I am testing this software for our networks. I have installed one agent on one of our NAS (synology RS815+) for this purpose.. The agent (scan) is causing a specific type of device to drop off the network. We run 3 24port DSLAM VDSL2 switches for our hotel rooms. When I enable the agent, 5 minutes later all 3 of these switches will go offline, and need to be hard rebooted. If I disable the agent they operate as normal after a reboot, so they obviously do not like something about the way they are scanned.. I don's see any way to disable the scan for a particular device or devices... Is there a way to do this? Disable IP or block of IPs for scan? I cannot continue to test, or validate until I can get around this.. Thanks