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  1. It would be nice to see device up/down history in the Logging report section. No need for PDF exports, simple text file would be nice. Sure, I could make sure all my alerts go to e-mail and then sort/search through those but why do that when you should be able to easily implement device up/down history. Also, login/illegal login attempts to our Domotz account should be logged (withIP of user trying to login) for auditing purposes, especially since you don't yet have 2FA. Additionally, creating an alert (push or email) would be really nice for loginand illegal login attempts. As has been mentioned in other threadse, 2FA should be prioritized. An added security measure that could easily be implemented would be a short timeout period after so many failed login attempts (5 failed attempts = 15 minute timeout or something). Going even further, the ability to blacklist/whitelist IPs for account access would be really nice.

    I use for my security system, home automation (Lights, Locks, energy monitoring). My devices are Z-wave and my alarm system connects to the outside world via a WWAN Verizon card built into the alarm control panel. I would love to use Domotz to overlay into the control. Currently there is a web interface and mobile apps for They also have a closed API. Are there any chances that Domotz will team up with for deeper integration for entire home automation and monitoring?