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  1. We have great news, our package for the x18 series (2018 Synology Models) was just released, it's under approval process to be available on the Synology store but you can try it manually.We currently support two different architectures, and you can check at the following link which architecture is used by your NAS: download the one for your Architecture:apollolake (DS218+, DS418play, DS718+, DS918+):domotz-syno-apollolake-6.1-2.1.5-1.7.5-b001-0001.spkrtd1296(DS418j, DS418, DS218, DS218play, DS118) : domotz-syno-rtd1296-6.1-2.1.5-1.7.5-b001-0001.spk Please install it on your Synology NAS and let us know if you have any problems. On the other hand, please let us know if the installation works properly.
  2. Agent for Synology DS216+

    Is there an agent for the DS216+? It usesan Intel Celeron N3050.