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  1. We have a number of engineers and support staff who are all 'team members' under our Domotz account. When someone sets up a new agent, each team member who needs to receive alerts for devices in that project has to set them up for themselves. I can see how this can be advantageous, but it would be great if there were a way to share your alerts set up for a particular project to other members so that they don't have to go through everything themselves. Maybe it would be possible to set up more team member types (e.g. technical, sales, etc) and then on each project set up the default alerts for that team member type? Or perhaps you could set up alert groups that a person could subscribe to? Using a system like this means that if a new device is added and an alert set up for it (e.g. an engineer goes to site and installs something new) everyone who is subscribed to that projects alerts would then automatically be set up and ready to go.