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  1. EDIT BEGIN: Please refer to the following Topic for the complete list of Domotz supported PDUs and Smart Plugs EDIT END ---------------------------------------- One of the really cool features of Domotz is its support for a variety of network controlled power switches. We are currentlysupporting5 of the the most common brands which function over IP.Wewill soon add moreand include Zwave controlled switches as well. Please let us know if there is any specific brandyou would like to see included or if you have any question about this feature. After associating a device to a power switch, you will notice a little plug in the bottom right corner of itsicon and the power toggling will be enabled directly from the device view. If you are still debating whether to buy a power switch for your home,we highly recommend you take the plunge. Powering on and off solves 90% of IT problems! In our experience wired switches (as opposed to wireless) have much higher reliability and provide a much better userexperience. Enhoy switching!
  2. According to this document, a WeMo switch should show a Config tab. I have a WeMo Light Switch, but there is no Config tab.