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What ports?

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So, I just started the trial, and installed this on my Synology DS1813+ NAS.

Firstly, I access my Synology by going to with in turn routes me to - with a real SSL certificate on it.

I installed the domotz client, and could not get to the agent, so added port 3000(TC) to my firewall rule, and it worked.

However, some things still do not work.

The map in the agent info screen does not work half of the time.

The Network Info never works.

The SpeedTest works soemtimes, but not always.

The Route Analysis sometimes works, and sometimes does not.

I seem to get better results going to http://myipaddress:3000 vs


Also, can you please support SSL.


Any chance of you releasing a windows or linux client.

I do like the idea of a dedicated hardware appliance, but not always easy to justify the cost when I have a dedicated management PC onsite already.





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Agree with this.

Please fix Speed Test.


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