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Port Map / Topology

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We use Domotz as our main network-monitroing tool for broadcast events.

It is a massive tool to improve our workflow during the setup of each new event. 

But we think, there is a goal-feature missing;


It would be a massive help, when the switch-interface would be showed in a map.

To see the network topology could help us in many diffrent points.
-> faster and detailed view of the entire network

-> overview of the trunk ports (they are always at a load of 80%

-> easier watch of which part of the setup is ready for show


What do other think about this?


greetings out of switerland!



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Great suggestion!  Those features would be super helpful with switches that either do not have a GUI management interface or do not have the Web GUI enabled.


I like the way you think!


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I would like to add my thumbs up to this request. 

It would be execellent if a network map / topology feature is added. As well as port allocation on a switch.




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