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      Android Domotz Pro App - Push Notifications Issue   03/19/18

      Few Android users have experienced issues with Push Notifications on their mobile Domotz Pro App.   There might be a potential incompatibility with your system: if you feel that you are not receiving Push Notifications when events occur (device status changes, or other alerts), a complete uninstall/install back of the App resolves the issue.   Latest version of the Domotz Pro Android App available is 1.6.11.   The issue was introduced by the version 1.6.10. Even if you are running already version 1.6.11 and you experience issue with the Push Notification on Android, we recommend to completely uninstall the App and install it back.

Unable to resolve host address

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Having a problem reinstallating.

This line throws an error

pi@raspberry ~$ wget https://portal.domotz.com/download/agent_packages/domotz-raspberry-armhf-1.0-2.1.5-0354.deb


It says.... unable to resolve host address 'portal.domotz.com'


Is this still supported, did your certificate expire and no-one noticed or is it dead?


BTW - What is the story with the new $ hardware, seems like the cost of getting one in Australia has gone up by over $100. Spent an hour tonight looking at all the options and the price has jumped an enormous amount. What gives ?


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The Raspberry Pi version of the package is still available and the URL you posted is correct.


The error you got, might be just due to local DNS issue. Please check if you can resolve the host:


nslookup portal.domotz.com


It should provide you with the IP.


On the same topic (Raspberry Pi): are you familiar with Ubuntu Core OS for Raspberry Pi? If not, but you are still willing to try it, we can provide you with an Image for Raspberry Pi which contains the Domotz Package pre-installed and the possibility to leverage the automatic and completely transactional upgrades (from the low-level libraries, including OS and kernel, to the Domotz Agent itself).


With regard to the HW, we are not selling Boxes in small quantities (1-2 boxes) directly since September 2017. We are currently relying on HW manufacturer partners (and other partners). Therefore, we cannot manage the price for those hardware.


On the other hand, happy to provide you with a quote if you are interested in larger quantities of Domotz Boxes.


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New SD card resolved :-)


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