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      Windows Domotz Agent Manager - Available to be downloaded   08/02/18

      We are glad to announce that we have completed the development of the first Beta version of our Domotz Agent Manager for Windows.   It has been completely tested on Windows 10, but it should work also on Windows 8 and Windows 7.   You can download the Agent directly from the following link:   DomotzAgentManager   Note that the application will install an Oracle VM VirtualBox (if not installed yet) and it will download the proper image which contains the Domotz Software. Virtualization option is required to be enabled on the hardware.    For any feedback, issue or concern, please do not hesitate to contact support@domotz.com
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Agent restart loops

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The domotz_forever.log shows this:


INIT - Initializing Log
LOG - Initialize log DOMOTZ. Options: {"maxFiles":3,"level":"info","format":"yyyy-mm-dd'T'HH:MM:ss.sss'Z'","maxsize":20971520,"json":false,"handleExceptions":true,"colorize":false}
Log level named "log" will clash with the method "log". Consider using a different name.
error: Forever detected script exited with code: 0
error: Script restart attempt #3


Running on Raspi Stretch, noticed these issues just after the upgrade.


Performed a full removal and reinstallation using the agent links provided.

I think the relevant issue is this:



2018-04-24T11:42:18.824Z (12470) [E] SIGNAL_HANDLER - Error uncaught: EADDRINUSE. Message: bind EADDRINUSE
2018-04-24T11:42:18.827Z (12470) [E] Error: bind EADDRINUSE



Something running on port 67

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additional information

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Hi @erichalv,


Could you please send us the complete log files in the folder /var/log/domotz/ to our support channel: support@domotz.com? We will investigate the issue.




Henrique Salvador

Domotz Support


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