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Monthly Subscriptions Are Here

This announcement is no longer active


Switch to monthly subscription and SAVE money!

Domotz just added a convenient way to purchase Domotz agents. On October 15th we added a subscription pricing plan. What does this mean to you?
For one thing, this means that your existing credits and new credit purchases will continue to work as they have in the past. Nothing has changed with the way credits are purchased and used. We have simply added a new subscription pricing plan to help make managing your Domotz purchases easier.
Save Money
You only pay for what you are using. Instead of a large, up-front purchase with the credit system you will receive an invoice at the end of the month for those agents currently on your account. This means that you can add and remove agents as you need them and you are billed for what you use during the month.


Easy-to-Understand Billing
Domotz uses a flat fee structure for your agents. You will have either a Standard or Advanced license associated with each agent on your account. Your monthly invoice will show these agent licenses and their cost. You may also view your agents and payment history in more detail through the Domotz portal.


Simplified Migration
We expect that most of our customers will switch to the new subscription plan and we've taken steps to make that process easy. You can convert your account today while you continue using your existing credits. New agents will be added under the subscription plan and you can choose to convert pre-paid agents as they expire.


How Do I Switch To The New Subscription Plan?
You can read more (FAQ) and switch over to the new subscription plan at any time. To do this, login to your account, select the new Subscriptions tab in your browser, and then select the "Learn More" under the Monthly Subscription banner. You can read more about the subscription plan and then walk through the steps that will convert your account over to the subscription plan.


Note: Starting from January 31st, 2019, credits are not being sold online by Domotz anymore.

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