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  3. Have not heard of issues with Orvibo for quite a while. I think it is not a very common device among our customers . It might be good to contact our support team by providing them your account and agent id. Thank you!
  4. Giancarlo

    Maintenance mode

    Hi Levon, thanks a lot for this input. This feature makes a lot of sense. We received a very similar request in the past, and we are now evaluating the possibility to implement this in the short term. Therefore, please stay tuned, we will inform you as soon as this is done (hopefully in 1 month or so). Meanwhile, you can disable the Alerts for the entire Agent, but you will need to remember to re-enable it as soon as the work is concluded. I hope this helps. Best regards, Giancarlo
  5. lmuradyan

    Maintenance mode

    Hi Team, It would be nice to have a maintenance mode feature. The idea is a temporary disable alerts for whole agent when maintenance works are conducted. Because otherwise it starts to send alerts when network device (for example switch ) is rebooted. Levon Muradyan
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