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  4. GeorgiTsatsev

    Netgear GS752TPS Switch Support

    Hi, Unfortunately this model is not supported yet for PoE control and port mapping
  5. henriquesalvador

    D-Link DGS 1210-28 smart switches - snmp alerts

    Hi @Shane, We will not work with SNMP Traps yet. What Domotz Eyes can monitor are the SNMP OIDs, you need to identify the OID of each of the items you are interested in and add them to Domotz Eyes. Note that the Domotz Eyes will use something like the snmpget which requires the complete path to the OID, for example:With complete path: snmpget -v2c -c public iso. = INTEGER: 100 Incomplete path: snmpget -v2c -c public Error in packet Reason: (noSuchName) There is no such variable name in this MIB. Failed object: iso. Note that some Switches is supported by default (you will be able to map the devices on each port, seeing the port state and controlling the PoE of each port) Managed Network Switches If you have any technical problem please reach out our support, we will be glad to assist you. Kind regards, Henrique Salvador Domotz Support
  6. henriquesalvador

    Speed test results

    Hi @Intelligent_Technology_Group, It really depends on the route the ISP takes to the nearest server and the load at the moment of the speedtest. You may try the same test as the Domotz Box here: https://speed.measurementlab.net/#/ I know that the single stream speedtest sometimes will not reach the expected, we are working on a second option that tests with multiple streams, for your scenario it will be ideal. I just sent you an email so we can work on your case. Kind regards, Henrique Salvador Domotz Support
  7. henriquesalvador

    Draytek Vigor Switches

    Hi @colinmair, unfortunately the model 2280 is not supported and we don't have a unit to work on a new driver, actually our team is currently busy with other drivers developments, it may take a while until we support it. If you really have interest on that I can connect you with our sales team, we are open to discuss your plans and number of agents that would need this driver. Because driver development is complex and resources need to be allocated if you want to sponsor a driver development we could provide it faster. Just let us know sending an email to support@domotz.com. Kind regards, Henrique Salvador Domotz Support
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  9. colinmair

    Draytek Vigor Switches

    I used to have a Draytek Vigor P2261 PoE switch which worked fine with Domotz. I upgraded to a Vigor P2280 PoE switch and although I can see port stats in Domotz, the PoE switching facilities are no longer there. Are there any plans to include support for the newer Draytek Vigor PoE switches ? regards Colin
  10. Intelligent_Technology_Group

    Speed test results

    So why is it that the test is so inconsistent when running one after another on the luxul box. i get 223 and then 3 seconds later 99 and then another test puts it at 300. meanwhile a test using any of the 4 major speed test sites from a mac pro in the same racks gives me the full 1gb download speed the customer is paying for. if the speedtest doesnt match the actual wan dload speed what good is the domotz box for monitoring wan connection speed. the mlab speed from the computer onsite doesnt even match the domotz box.
  11. Hi All A newbie question - i need help configuring snmp alerts for my Dlink DGS 1210-28 smart switches - i have created the snmp sensor, this does alert me when the switch goes down, changes ip , loses heartbeat. I need help with configuring and recieving alerts for : Trap Settings SNMP Authentication Traps Device Bootup Port Link Up / Link Down Firmware Upgrade State Loopback Detection occuring / recovery. I really dont know how to go about this - any help would be greatly appreciated Thx Shane
  12. Hi Greg, we are completely on track to release the integration with Datto/Autotask PSA by the end of February. The integration with ConnectWise Manage is coming just after this.
  13. Giancarlo

    Agent and network ip change

    In theory, the old IP addresses should disappear as soon as they cannot be reached anymore from the Domotz Box. Please verify that. If it doesn't happen, please reach support@domotz.com, so that you can share more information and support team can help you investigate and resolve this issue.
  14. tecvsiaul

    Agent and network ip change

    Hello, i changed the network from 192.168.1.x to 192.168.21.x i am using a domotz box with the agent in static ip i changed the network configuration and now i see 80% of the devices with both old and new ip address, but listed as 1.x plus, some of them have only 21.x and are displayed obviously at the bottom of the list because they are in ip address sorted. i would like to get rid of the 1.X in every device without loosing all the customization i put on every device (alerts, name, model, location etc..) how should i do that ?
  15. Just released the integration with Zendesk. Here a video:
  16. We are a Connectwise user as well.. Can't wait to see that integrated.
  17. GregS

    Disable Map View

    (and the ability to add my own tiles.. hint hint)
  18. GregS

    Domotz Eyes with Custom OIDs - Temperature monitoring example

    Following along with that.. we deploy Domotz on Raspberry Pis for all our clients and they usually sit in racks. I connect a DHT11 temp/humidity sensor on it and did some snmp scripts so it can be polled regularly. Cost of the sensor is usually less than $5. If you don't want to build your own Pi, investigate what Giancarlo show above. It can help provide some insight into possible failures in clients systems.
  19. Giancarlo

    Domotz Eyes with Custom OIDs - Temperature monitoring example

    Here some IP based temperature sensors (if you don't want to build your own with a Pi Zero + external sensor):- http://www.geistglobal.com/products/monitor/environmental-monitors/watchdog-15-15-P- https://shop.gude.info/epages/GudeShop.sf/en_GB/?ViewAction=View&ObjectID=551367&PageSize=12&OrderBy=NameOrAlias&OrderDesc=0Feel free to choose anyone supporting SNMP, to have the temperature monitored and alerted through Domotz.
  20. Giancarlo

    Disable Map View

    Thanks for the suggestion Tom. As a matter of fact, part of this initial 2020 will see the development team focused on a new global Dashboard. Therefore we will strongly take this suggestion in consideration. Thanks for your patience.
  21. Live-Smarter

    Disable Map View

    The map is a little unnecessary and eats up a lot of screen estate in the desktop app. Would be nice to retain some branding if possible but have the ability to permanently hide the map. Thanks, Tom
  22. cshipe


    We're having an issue adding a VLAN interface to the Ubuntu VM. Our switch port configured for trunk mode with the desire VLAN ID as tagged. When we attempt to add, we get a message that says "Something Went Wrong" We've tried various VLAN ID's and both "general and trunk" VLAN modes We have four VLAN's we need to monitor.
  23. I have it enabled on most of my agents. Saves me running my own nmap scan. Has revealed some interesting results... like one particular ISP here leaving 50001 open on their modem/routers.
  24. Networker

    Isolated network device monitoring

    Hello I have a server network which is isolated from the internet for security reasons but would like to monitor utilising the Domotz Windows Agent. Can the agent work with a dual homed Network card Windows PC/Server and monitor devices on both the isolated subnet as well as the Connected internet subnet? Can the Agent deal with more than 1 Network card? At this stage just looking for up down but likely to implement SNMP OID monitoring. Regards David
  25. vicorly

    Device IP Changed

    Hello Folks; I have 4 Domotz Boxes on different client networks. Each client office has a SonicWall... TZ400 or NSA 2650. I've noticed that when a SSLVPN client connects or disconnects from the SonicWall, I get the alert that the "Device IP Changed".... Is there any way to avoid this alert for this kind of event, since the SonicWall itself does not change IP address?
  26. Giancarlo

    Adding VLANs to Domotz Docker Container

    Sorry for the late reply on this. Domotz provides an easy and intuitive way of configuring VLANs on its own hardware (Domotz Box) - given that it requires low-level interfacing with the system. However, if you physically configure VLANs on your HW, VM or Docker, then the Domotz Agent software will be able to scan those VLANs. With regard to Docker, please refer to one of the following ideas. It really depend on your own scenario: https://stackoverflow.com/questions/38869129/docker-networking-and-vlans or https://github.com/projectatomic/docker/blob/master/experimental/vlan-networks.md
  27. Giancarlo

    Unable to activate agent on Fingbox

    Please, shoot an email to Support. I'm sure they will be able to resolve the issue on your Fingbox(es)
  28. Giancarlo

    Domotz Pro Desktop App bug

    Hi Jorde. Thanks for highlighting this issue. The Development team is already working to fix this issue. The fix should be released in production in a matter of a couple of weeks. We appreciate your patience.
  29. chippie

    Domotz Pro feature parity with Fingbox

    Hi Silvio, Sorry to jump on you here but could you please take a look as myself and others are not able to run Domotz on our Fingboxes. It installs OK and even allows you to activate it but then immediately sets itself to 'Inactive'. I have have the same issue on two different Fingboxes (V2) on two seperate networks. Would be grateful if you could give any advice as I am half way through my eval period and it is very important to me to be able to test it running on a Fingbox so I can make a informed decision if to pay for the full Domotz service on all my Fingboxes. Thank you!
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