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  2. Giancarlo

    Adding VLANs to Domotz Docker Container

    Sorry for the late reply on this. Domotz provides an easy and intuitive way of configuring VLANs on its own hardware (Domotz Box) - given that it requires low-level interfacing with the system. However, if you physically configure VLANs on your HW, VM or Docker, then the Domotz Agent software will be able to scan those VLANs. With regard to Docker, please refer to one of the following ideas. It really depend on your own scenario: https://stackoverflow.com/questions/38869129/docker-networking-and-vlans or https://github.com/projectatomic/docker/blob/master/experimental/vlan-networks.md
  3. Giancarlo

    Unable to activate agent on Fingbox

    Please, shoot an email to Support. I'm sure they will be able to resolve the issue on your Fingbox(es)
  4. Giancarlo

    Domotz Pro Desktop App bug

    Hi Jorde. Thanks for highlighting this issue. The Development team is already working to fix this issue. The fix should be released in production in a matter of a couple of weeks. We appreciate your patience.
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  6. chippie

    Domotz Pro feature parity with Fingbox

    Hi Silvio, Sorry to jump on you here but could you please take a look as myself and others are not able to run Domotz on our Fingboxes. It installs OK and even allows you to activate it but then immediately sets itself to 'Inactive'. I have have the same issue on two different Fingboxes (V2) on two seperate networks. Would be grateful if you could give any advice as I am half way through my eval period and it is very important to me to be able to test it running on a Fingbox so I can make a informed decision if to pay for the full Domotz service on all my Fingboxes. Thank you!
  7. chippie

    Unable to activate agent on Fingbox

    This was a year old thread but it looks like the issue is either that old and ongoing or reared its ugly head again! I have the exact same issue on TWO different Fingboxes on two different/seperate networks at home. Seems to install ok, allows you to activate and immediately goes to 'Inactive'! Not overly happy as am half way through my eval period to see if I want to go all in for the full service on all my Fingboxes but just not able to even get the agent to run on a Fingbox. I know there is no network issue as was able to activate an agent on a different device without issue. There is clearly an issue and would be grateful for any suggestons please? TY!
  8. Hi, just installed the Domotz Pro Desktop App on my Mac, while it's launched it eats the cmd+p shortcut even when it isn't in focus. It's a command used by many applications. For me it's blocking the command in Visual Studio Code. I've also opened a support ticket in case that's the better route. cmd+p seems to be used to open extra context under the Domotz Pro Desktop App button in the titlebar, as it allows you to switch to 'production', 'testing' and 'local'. This is commonly achieved by holding the alt/option button and then clicking on the menu item in MacOS. See attached image.
  9. Megachip

    Adding VLANs to Domotz Docker Container

    Dear Community, how can I attach additional VLANs to my Domotz Docker container? sudo docker network connect macvlan1 5beb46af1424 Error response from daemon: container sharing network namespace with another container or host cannot be connected to any other network Would be happy about any ideas and suggestions. Thanks a lot meg
  10. Giancarlo

    Identify devices by MAC rather than DHCP IP Address

    By default, the Domotz Agent identifies devices by MAC address only. The identification by IP addresses is only available when adding private subnet to be scanned (Layer 3 scans)
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  12. Hi all, Please note that the latest Raspbian release (Buster/10) comes with a module enabled that prevents the VPN on Demand to work properly. To resolve the issue please comment one line at this file /etc/ld.so.preload (command: sudo nano /etc/ld.so.preload):Before /usr/lib/arm-linux-gnueabihf/libarmmem-${PLATFORM}.so After #/usr/lib/arm-linux-gnueabihf/libarmmem-${PLATFORM}.so *Just add a # at the beginning of the line.This preloaded module conflicts with the snap package (not only the Domotz Pro app). After this the error with the module should be resolved and the agent will be able to use the VPN on Demand. Remember that this only applies if you are using the Snap package, which we recommend as the package updates will be done automatically. If you need any further assistance feel free to reply to this topic or reach out our Support team: support@domotz.com. Henrique Salvador Domotz Support
  13. I was just setting up a new agent and thought I saw an option to identify devices by MAC or IP. Not thinking it thru, I clicked IP. I don't recall if this happened in the Fingbox or Domotz agent setup. Have not been able to track down this feature in the apps or community. While my important devices have "static" ip reservations via DHCP, non-critical devices will change IP based on what's available. The impacted device becomes a zombie in my device list, not seen for xxx days, only to reappear under another IP at a later time. How do I switch an agent to identifying devices by MAC only?
  14. Giancarlo

    Luxul Switchs and Network Topology

    Thanks for following up on this.
  15. NexusNet

    Unable to activate agent on Fingbox

    I am experiencing this exact scenario with a Fingbox v2 I'm adding to my Domotz account. I've been trying for about an hour now - same error message. As it's now January 2020, I'm guessing that I may be seeing a different isue from @just1Rick? Related note: the web page seems to time out silently, so at times I've been clicking Activate without realizing that I was (presumably) logged out. After logging back in, though, the situation was the same. Just a heads up that this login issue could create support calls for one problem when the real cause was unrelated... probably should pop up a "you've tined out" dialogue so admins are aware that the connection to the site is no longer live. Tx, Robert
  16. JohnButare

    Luxul Switchs and Network Topology

    Hi, i just changed my network to a /22 to add a few more hosts ( After updating the IP's and restarting the Domotz agent on my Synology DNS, the agent only scanned the 192.168.100.X subnet. It ignored new devices on 101-103. My read of this thread indicates Domotz should scan 101-103, is this correct? I know I can work around this by adding private subnets, but I do not want to do without the lack of MAC address discovery on the private subnets. Should this work? Do I need to manually configure or re-install the Domotz agent on the Synology NAS? Do I need to use a different agent platform such as Raspberry Pi? Thanks, John Sorry, my fault. I forgot to update the subnet mask on the NAS, all is working as expected now without private subnets. John
  17. Giancarlo

    DS218+ / Domotz - Cannot connect to the Domotz UI

    Hi Florent, I apologize for the delay in getting back to you. Please send an email to Support, providing the logs from the Domotz Agent (/var/log/domotz). Thanks, Giancarlo
  18. Dear team. Trying to start Domotz app server on my Synology DS218+. The app is running but I cannot access to the UI using IPAddress:3000. I have tried to reinstall, reboot the server, but nothing to do. DSM 6.2.2-24922 Update 4 Domotz 2.4.5 Firewall Off Any known issue fro your side ? Florent.
  19. davidtaylor029

    Seeing devices on second Vlan

    I have a site that has Just add power HDMI distribution, i have set a tatic route in router so i can log into the transmiters and receivers whislt on the lan, thi works fine, how can i get Domotz to also see these devices?
  20. Please follow these 3 steps to enable control via Domotz when using the PDU from Digital Loggers: 1. Set all outlets to come back on after power outage. 2. In Setup screen, go to bottom and check: Allow legacy plain-text login method. 3. In External API’s screen, at the top check: Allow REST-style API Once this is done the integration should work as expected.
  21. DonC

    Control4 OS v3.1.1

    With the latest version of Control4's OS, they did away with the default OS password. So, my Domotz is not able to log in and do things like reboot my control4 devices any longer. Do you have any ideas on this or procedure for me to get around this issue? Thank you, Don
  22. As mentioned this can be done using a simple bit of programming. If you are running Domotz on a Raspberry Pi, or if you just have some form of Linux-type OS set up and running somewhere, this feature can be added with a cronjob. You would need a couple of things, the agentid for the site the Domotz device is located at, and the deviceid for the device itself you wish to powercycle the port. The network switch you are using will need to support Power-Cycle as opposed to just ON and OFF. curl -X POST your-domotz-api-endpoint/public-api/v1/agent/{agent_id}/device/{device_id}/action/power/cycle \ -H 'X-Api-Key: {your API_KEY}' If your network switch only supports ON and OFF then just create a simple 3 line script: curl -X POST your-domotz-api-endpoint/public-api/v1/agent/{agent_id}/device/{device_id}/action/power/off \ -H 'X-Api-Key: {your API_KEY}' sleep 5 curl -X POST your-domotz-api-endpoint/public-api/v1/agent/{agent_id}/device/{device_id}/action/power/on \ -H 'X-Api-Key: {your API_KEY}' That will reboot your NSP-1 every day for you
  23. Hi all, This is all the steps to connect from remote to your VNC Server using Domotz Pro: To remote control a Mac/Linux/Windows through VNC: To remote control a Mac/Linux or Windows with VNC, use Domotz with a TCP tunnel to port 5900 (VNC standard port - please change accordingly if you have a different setting). For instance on Mac, enable the native VNC server on Mac OS go to System Preferences > Sharing and then enable the Screen Sharing option.With the Screen Sharing enabled do the following on Domotz: Select the Mac host Go to the Connection tab. Create a tunnel to 5900 port Copy the port and host provided (e.g. us-west-2-tcp.domotz.co:32814) Open your VNC Client (e.g. RealVNC, TightVNC) and connect to the provided address and port)
  24. Giancarlo

    Latest QNAP Agent ran for a while then stopped working

    write an email to support@domotz.com
  25. Is there any planned port mapping and POE control support for additional Netgear managed switches? I currently have a GS752TPS. Domotz sees it is a POE switch and shows total power available but does not provide power consumption at the switch or port level nor does it allow for POE switching control. Also link status, speed and traffic is available however port auto-mapping is not
  26. motech

    Schedule POE port recycle power

    Hi, thanks for the quick response. i dont have the programming capability to do this, but i feel like paying $100 or more a year should get me some functionality that we actually need in the AV Home Automation business. Please reach out if you’d like to discuss this at all. I dont see many people in my industry using DOMOTZ at all, even though you are at every trade show. I know many of us keep going back to try it, but it just doesnt do what we need. Every request I’ve ever made has been replied with “maybe in the future” Very frustrating, especially that Crestron partnered with you.
  27. Giancarlo

    Schedule POE port recycle power

    Hi Motech, thanks for your input with this. We have the automatic and scheduled control of power (either PoE/PDU or Soft reboot) of devices on our roadmap. But at the moment, we don't have an ETA for this activity. On the other hand, most of our users are already doing automation through Domotz (and scheduling reboot of devices through PoE or PDU) by leveraging the Public API. In particular please have a look at the capability to control the power status of devices which are either attached to PoE ports, or PDU outlet or they offer Soft Reboot: https://portal.domotz.com/developers/#getdevicepoweractions and https://portal.domotz.com/developers/#poweractionondevice Thanks for your understanding, Giancarlo
  28. Can we please have the ability to schedule restart of specific POE ports? If i have a POE device on a network that i want to restart weekly or monthly, there is no way for me to do this now (Unifi POE Swtiches). This would be a huge selling feature and really push us to deploy these on all of our sisters. Currently, we’ve deployed 3 domotz systems and are not really using them. POE power scheduling would be huge, as would a few other features like power macros (several devices with one button) and a better end user app for our clients.
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