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  3. HI I am having trouble with this....I am able to fetch agents and generate "Please sepcify agent ID" but nothing happens after i key in the agent id and hit close.
  4. Giancarlo

    Per Device Location

    Within the same Agent (which has its own location - usually best to give the location of the device physically hosting the Domotz Agent software), all the devices have two additional fields: - Location - Zone You can use these two fields to specify the exact location of each device. Note that these two fields are not "Address" fields and are not reported in the map
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  6. Nikolay

    Make group names much bolder

    Dear Zac, Thank you for raising this topic. We have now added this feature request to our developer's backlog. This suggestion of yours to improve the visual interface is a great one, as it ill help all users to have the desired experience. If you wish to obtain more information on the matter, please feel free to reach out to our support channel at support@domotz.com We highly appreciate your involvement. Have a wonderful summer ahead!
  7. When devices are sorted by groups, the group names are easy to miss when you are scrolling. Please make the group names bigger and bolder or put a line dividing the groups in a more contrasting color.
  8. Hi mate, did you solve this problem? I have got the same issue with a netgear switch
  9. Is it possible to have per device location addresses? Not all of our devices are at the same address. Regards, Zac
  10. MarkRubin

    Alerts For New Device Discovery

    I think you misunderstood. I want alerts on but for specific VLANs new device discovery. Example would be VLANs 1U, 2T, 3T, 4T. We only want new device discovery for 2T, 3T but not for 1U and 4T. The issue we are having is we are getting new device alerts for all VLANs which we do not necessarily need those alerts on all but just some.
  11. n.kolev

    Alerts For New Device Discovery

    Hey Mark, Thank you for this post, it is useful to everyone. You mention Device Discovery and that you would like to disable it for some Agents (you used VLAN but I suppose you simply mean the network of a customer). Please check the dedicated documentation on the matter here: https://help.domotz.com/user-guide/network-alerts/ This document contains detailed explanation on how to enable/disable the Personal Alerts (amongst which is the New Device Discovery). Please have in mind that the Domotz Support Team is always ready to help at support@domotz.com Thank you once again! Be safe!
  12. Could we have the option to choose which VLAN we want to be alerted for when a new device is discovered? This is a very handy feature but for some applications we do not need to know about the new devices discovered on each VLAN that is being scanned.
  13. Thanks, @henriquesalvador-- I've found the webinar you mentioned, so will have a watch to bring me up to speed! I appreciate your help!
  14. We use HaloPSA and we would love to see an integration! https://halopsa.com/
  15. Hi @tubblog, We didn't implemented something that interacts with the devices in case of some events but you might take advantage of APIs to check some device status and reboot based on its status. Some of our customers used Node-RED to create a this kind of routine (check status and reboot if offline). Back in April we had a Webinar showing a way to automate SNMP set-ups using Node-RED, you might use this examples to automate camera reboots. Another important note, we are currently working in a way that you can create your own scripts directly from Domotz webapp so you would be able to automate these actions directly from the Domotz pro webapp. Let me know if you have any further questions! Henrique Salvador Domotz Support
  16. Hi, At home, I've got a variety of ageing, generic (typically Chinese-built) Wi-Fi enabled IP Cameras, all monitored by Domotz. Each camera is plugged into a consumer-grade (typically TP-Link and typically Alexa-enabled) WiFi-enabled power switch. Intermittently, these cameras will lose their WiFi connectivity and require a reboot to reconnect to the network. At the moment, I use the vendor app (say, TP-Link) or Alexa to reboot these cameras to reconnect them to the network. However, I'm intrigued. Is there a way to use a Domotz alert to automate the rebooting of these devices? Perhaps a native feature in Domotz I'm unaware of, or a Domotz alert triggering a 3rd-party action (IFTTT?) to reboot the device? Thoughts and guidance appreciated. 🙂 Richard Tubb
  17. bluescorpion

    Network Performance/ Route Analysis

    If I'm reviewing this report correctly, the first row (Loss %) is the main one that I should be concerned about right? 0.0% loss. As long as I'm seeing 0% that's good correct?
  18. Giancarlo

    Network Performance/ Route Analysis

    When performing a Route Analysis test, you can click on the "See raw data" to get the detailed list of all the hops for the specific test: In this way, you can check on which of the hop there are packet lost
  19. Can the Network Performance/ Route Analysis feature show you where there is an issue with packet loss? I know we're having issues with this but I'd like to get a little input on the actual report results.
  20. ValleyBuilding

    Automatic Port Mapping

    I have a few Luxul network switches that are in Domotz with a stack of 3. The Domotz agent sees and maps all the ports it appears and has automatically mapped the ports. However, after changing some of the connected devices, the automatic port mapping does not seem to be updating. Is there a way reinitiate the automatic port mapping or is there an issue with my system? Thanks
  21. DavidMyers

    Speed test results

    The speed test is getting more and more inaccurate - I have switched it off now as it is useless. I have just done the MLab Speed test on my desktop vs the Domotz Box - here is the results: 342MB vs 1.1. Speedtest.net reports 350mb-485mb downstream. I would recommend removing the speed test if it is so inaccurate................................. BTW the Domotz box is connected to the same switch using a high quality CAT6 patch lead, in fact the same lead as my desktop.
  22. henriquesalvador

    Monitoring a second internet connection

    Hi @Delaney, The monitoring of External Devices (I assume this is what you are using to add the second WAN connection to the monitoring) is done directly from the Agent itself, so you have to allow ICMP pings from your actual connections, no need to add our Cloud addresses to the rule. Let us know if you need any further clarification. Kind regards, Henrique Salvador Domotz Support
  23. Hi Guys. We don't allow open ICMP response and would like to monitor a second internet connection for uptime. What are the IP addresses we need to Whitelist for ICMP echo?
  24. MarkFC

    Hyper-V - Prebuilt Image Deployment

    Yep, same issue. Extracted files but it can't find the VM on import.
  25. Giancarlo

    Can I install Multiple Agents on Same Network?

    If he has configured the NAS with a Domotz Agent he has used his own account, and he will only have access to the Domotz Agent on the NAS. He cannot configure (or have access to data) a new Domotz Agent, just by the fact that he has another Domotz Agent on his network.
  26. internetraver

    Can I install Multiple Agents on Same Network?

    I doubt he would set up his own account. So just activating the agent in his NAS and having it on the same network with an existing agent would not automatically log the second agent into the account of the first one?
  27. Giancarlo

    Can I install Multiple Agents on Same Network?

    If he has configured a Domotz Agent on his own Synology NAS, he has done with his own account. He sees only his Agent, and therefore his own devices at home. He does not see your other clients. If you have the email address of your customer, please contact our support. We can double check with you.
  28. henriquesalvador

    Crestron Toolbox Connection

    Hi @KKallas, The API Endpoint will be available at the Portal > Settings > API Keys. The API Key can be created at the same page however, if you do not note the API Key at the time of creation, you will have to create a new one. HS
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