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  3. This is an entirely new capability offered by Domotz (April 2020). We will add more and more devices to the following list for which Domotz offers the possibility to: automatically back-up configuration manually back-up specific configuration compare across different versions getting alerted if something changes getting notified if running configuration is different from the saved one restore previous saved configuration upload and update the device with a new configuration The following is the current list of supported devices for those capabilities: Brand Brand Model #s Tested Model #s Tested Notes Notes Cisco IOS Series: Catalyst 2960 Catalyst 3560 Catalyst 3650 Catalyst 3750 IOS Series: In order to unlock this functionality, it requires an SSH user (with privilege 15) SCP module should be enabled: ip scp server enable In order to benefit the auto-rollback on error capability, the "archive" functionality should be enabled: archive path flash:archive write-memory --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Few screenshots related to the Device Configuration Management: Automatic and Manual Backup - Domotz automatically backup the configuration of the device and shows the history of the last configuration files. The backup is executed every 6 hours, and a new version is only saved (and showed) if it differs from the previous version. Moreover, Domotz allows the manual backup of the configuration file. A new version is created, regardless if it differs or not from the previous saved version: Through the same interface, it is possible to upload a new configuration file (which can then be applied to the device). Moreover, each saved configuration file can be locally downloaded. Finally, user is also notified if there is a misalignment between the running and the startup (flash / bootflash) configuration. Compare and Restore Configuration Files - Domotz allows the user to compare different saved versions of configuration files, and to restore a previously saved one:
  4. Actually, I figured out what was happening. I had setup the Agent on a separate network and subnet (192.168.x.x), I am testing the product and moved my laptop over to a new network (172.16.x.x). I have DHCP running on the new network however the VM and Agent did not pull a new address. Is there a way to release and renew this address?
  5. I wanted to re-open this thread. I am having a similar problem, once I log into the VM and run ifconfig it is showing no IP addresses for any interface. I have tried to configure an address on the eth0 interface but that has not resolved the issues either. Is there more steps I need to take in order to get the Domotz Agent to start? -Bryan
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  8. Connectwise Manage integration is under development, We aim to release it around mid April
  9. What is the status of the ConnectWise integration? I am in desperate need of this happening.
  10. Silvio

    Report Scheduling

    Have you seen the recent changes? Now you can configure the layout of the reports by adding/removing sections which are more important to you. We have also added some stuff. Unfortunately the automated sending still not there. Giancarlo and I continuously talk about this, as it is in our backlog since a long time. The point is that our team is really under pressure with a lot of more urgent and more demanded improvements that are taking priority. We hope this last piece can be done in May.
  11. mydigitalbubble

    Report Scheduling

    Another bump. Still really surprised that the Fingbox can give better reports in this regard...
  12. I'm starting this thread, because very often we have been asked (either during demos, presentations or via Support) "how to configure a new Domotz Agent without being physically on the same network". Let's start with a couple of definitions. The Domotz Agent is the software which needs to run locally to a network. It is the software that scans and monitor that network, and reports the data to the Domotz Cloud. Let's say that it is a sort of proxy. The Domotz Agent requires a physical hardware to be connected to that network. It can be a simple Virtual Machine (within a physical server), a Windows PC or Server (our installer at the moment creates a VM within that), a Linux PC or Server, a NAS drive (such as Synology, QNAP, ReadyNAS, etc), a maker-board (such as a Raspberry Pi, a BeagleBone Black, Banana Pi, Orange Pi, etc), or the Domotz Box (which is basically a sort of maker board with steroids, and comes with the Domotz Agent pre-installed). You might get already familiar to configuring new Domotz Agents when you are local to the network. It is quite easy with the usage of the Domotz Mobile App. Or if you know the IP address of the physical hardware hosting the Domotz Agent, just connect to its port 3000. E.g. assuming the Domotz Agent runs on a server with IP, just connect to the following: When you install the Domotz Agent on a NAS, on a Windows or Linux PC or server, you are also guided to that WebPage to configure the Agent. However, the question is: "How can I install a new Domotz Agent, without being on the same physical network?" There are at least three ways of doing it: 1. Virtual Connection to the network Let's assume you have a network where you can have a remote access to a PC, VM, or Linux Server. In this case, it is relatively easy to install the Domotz Agent on that machine (either physical or virtual) and then connect to its port 3000 to configure the Domotz Agent. A usual scenario is when there is already a PC remote in that location, where you usually connects using tools like TeamViewer, GoToMyPC, etc. Well, you can install and configure the Domotz Agent on that same PC, using that same TeamViewer or GoToMyPC, and the job is done. Using that connection, you can connect to the page 3000 on the localhost (e.g. In other cases, you might have already a VPN in place, which you can use to access to an existing hardware on that remote location (including a NAS drive). In this case, you can connect to the physical hardware to host the Domotz Agent and then to its port 3000 to configure it. Once your new Domotz Box is onsite, you can simply sweep out the data already recorded by the Agent (by scanning your office network), and it will start from scratch in its new location (you can do this in the Portal). You can also change the location of the site (within the Customer Management data of that Agent). Easy, no? 2. Usage of a Domotz Box In case you have no pre-existing access to the remote network, and you only need Domotz into that remote location, you can choose to ship a Domotz Box to your customer. Pre-configure it in your office, and then ship to your customer. Your customer will only need to connect to the power and network, and job is done. This approach has been chosen by Krystal Burger - IT team. They preconfigured more than 250 Boxes in their IT office (one single location), and then they shipped all those boxes to their restaurants around US. It has been a relatively easy and fast job for the Restaurant Manager just to plug-in that Box to one of the available switch ports. Job done. All the different fast-food sites under remote monitoring in few days, no travel and a lot of savings for the IT department of that fast-food chain. 3. Prepare the hardware in the Office and ship to your customers Still in the case you have no pre-existing access to the remote network, and you don't want to use a Domotz Box, one easy job is to prepare one physical device in your Office, pre-configure the Domotz Agent, and then ship that hardware to your customer. It will be your customer's responsibility only to power it and connect to the first available ethernet port (either on the Router or on the Switch). You can choose the hardware of your preference. If you are already thinking of providing your customer with a NAS drive, choose one that support Domotz Agent. Configure it in the office, and ship to your customer. If you are willing to use that same hardware for other scripts or something, configure a maker board (or even better a NUC) with the Domotz Agent and ship to your customer. This approach has been also the choice of an anonymous MSP, which was required to supervision the migration of technology on a ~40 different oil production sites around the world. He prepared all the Domotz Agents in his office, and he shipped around the world. In less than 15 days he had all his site under constant monitoring, and he was able to monitor and conduct the migration of technology for all of them, without stepping out of his office. Can you imagine the savings generated by this smart idea? Once your new Domotz Agent is onsite, you can simply sweep out the previous data it recorded (by scanning your office network), and it will start from scratch in its new location (you can do this in the Portal). You can also change the location of the site (within the Customer Management data of that Agent). -- Please comment here below with your personal ways of ideas on how to further optimize this process.
  13. Silvio

    RTI Support

    It's the vpn on demand not working, or just RTI software? Best to contact Domotz support
  14. Hi Burg, this look very strange. Domotz usually take very little cpu, and traffic is minimal, while there is some RAM usage, but I have never heard of similar issues. There are really a lot of domotz users on Synology and would be useful to know if other users have noticed anything similar. In the meantime I would recommend to send an email to support and give them as many details as possible, and the model of Synology you are using.
  15. Hi all, I was looking for a monitoring service for my clients and came across Domotz. Looked good, especially since it runs on Synology as my clients and I all have one. I installed the agent on my home Synology as a test as I also installed some client test sites. Everything was looking good until my home Netflix and Amazon no longer worked. Some devices wouldn't allow me to access the service (vague Internet issue warnings) or some would connect but I'd get no thumbnail graphics and nothing would play (again, vague Internet connection warnings). As soon as I disabled the Domotz agent on my NAS everything once again worked fine. I'm running an old Sonicwall firewall but could not see anything specific in the logs, perhaps an occasional malformed packet log but nothing persistent. This would be an issue for my clients and would prevent me moving forward with Domotz as a solution. Has anyone seen this behavior previously or would anyone perhaps know a way to prevent this from happening?
  16. Giancarlo

    Price Policy

    Hi PabloLara, there is currently one Public plan only. Details are provided here: https://www.domotz.com/pricing.php Please, contact our sales team (sales@domotz.com) if you need further information about pricing. I am sure they will be able to help with any request you might have. Best regards, Giancarlo
  17. Giancarlo

    Windows agent wont start on startup

    Hi Deanr, please contact support (support@domotz.com). Note that in the next few weeks we should be able to release a new Domotz Agent, native for Windows. The current version is based on a Virtual Machine started through VirtualBox. You might check whether the Agent has been installed with the Administrator credentials. I hope this was helpful. Best regards, Giancarlo
  18. PabloLara

    Price Policy

    There are different prices policies for Dealers/resellers? i don't like the unique new price policy i will don't recommend domotz and i will close the new accounts.
  19. Hi The agent wont open on startup on windows
  20. Hi all, If you use the Symantec Endpoint Protection you probably want to whitelist your Domotz Pro Agent, to do so please do the following: In SEP (Symantec Endpoint Protection) configuration you need to exclude the IP of your Domotz pro agent (make sure it is reserved at the DHCP server or configure with an Static IP address) using SEP Console: Go to Policies -> Intrusion Prevention : Select your policy and right click Edit. In the Intrusion Prevention section, click to Enabled excluded hosts and open "Excluded Hosts" Section Click Add and enter the IP of the scanner(s), then click ok to save. Once policy is saved, assign the policy to the relevant client group. If you do not do this, the following message will be displayed, preventing the agent from correctly monitoring the workstations. Kind regards,Henrique SalvadorDomotz Support
  21. Was able to answer this already with contact to the Domotz team. Thanks to anyone concerned who reads this. I would delete post but I don't see that option.
  22. I'm trying to set up multiple logins for one account that has one agent. So far I have been unable to do this. Is this a feature that anyone else has figured out or is this unsupported?
  23. TimHaas

    RTI Support

    Has anyone successfully updated RTI over VPN? i've not had success with that.
  24. Silvio

    alert level

    Thank you for the suggestion. We will definitely consider it. Partially related to this, we are working at a new Dashboard that would allow you to create different groups of devices (even across multiple network), so for instance, going to the dashboard you will be able to see the two group separately, with all the even occurred. This is still few months away, but we hope it will help a lot our users, expecially those managing a lot of networks.
  25. Silvio

    Uploading/downloading device

    If these decices are connected to a managed switch and you enable SNMP, you should be able to see the traffic and graph.# Here more information: https://domotzpro.tome.host/tc/12776. For wifi devices, some access points supported by domotz (Ruckus, Ubiquiti, Meraki) may provide info about data received/transmitted by each connected device https://domotzpro.tome.host/tc/12776. But it may depend on the model.
  26. Silvio

    Zapier and Freshdesk

    Domotz is working at a seamless integration with both Zapier and Freshdesk, similar to the ones implemented for Datto/Autotask PSA, Zendesk etc. They should come up over the next few months. But in the meantime, please note that the Domotz webhook can already be used to trigger events on Zapiere. Here I see an example with instructions: https://community.domotz.com/topic/879-integrations-with-zapier/comment-3034
  27. Would you look at creating a integration with Zapier and Freshdesk
  28. In collaboration with hardware manufacturers, Domotz offer the possibility to grant access to your Domotz Agent directly to a partnered manufacturer’s support team via the Manufacturer Support Tile. This tile is only available if you have devices on your platform that are supported by our partner manufacturers. The following is the list of current Partners offering this feature through Domotz: AVPro Global Crestron Integra Luxul Onkyo Pioneer StormAudio WyreStorm
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