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Found 13 results

  1. Hi, I have a site that has devices located on a big area (75ha) in multiple buildings. Now, i use zones and locations, but it would be great to have a graphic view of that. I see 2 ways to have a map of zone/locations. (*) First, maybe the simplest, would be to be able to localize zones on the map, like we localize sites.We could then either specify GPS coordinates for a zone or define a point on the map. The second would need more work. It would need to be able to import a drawing of the building map and then define rooms according to location names. On a big area like the one I talk here, it would be a great help to be able to see the position on the map/building of the specific device. (*) i talk about zones because i use them as building-identifier, but maybe add a new field building would be better.
  2. silasfueglistaler

    Port Map / Topology

    Hello, We use Domotz as our main network-monitroing tool for broadcast events. It is a massive tool to improve our workflow during the setup of each new event. But we think, there is a goal-feature missing; It would be a massive help, when the switch-interface would be showed in a map. To see the network topology could help us in many diffrent points. -> faster and detailed view of the entire network -> overview of the trunk ports (they are always at a load of 80% -> easier watch of which part of the setup is ready for show What do other think about this? greetings out of switerland! silas
  3. I'm assuming that I cannot see what ports are open with Domotz as of yet, so this will be a feature request. We usually use canyouseeme.org to see if certain ports are open for remote access, but this is not something we can do remotely with Domotz, we'll have to be on-site or use Teamviewer. 1. It would be a great tool to be able to somehow see if certain ports are open. 2. It would be great to be able to set alerts when ports are open or used. I can see this being a big deal and very useful for cyber security. Thanks! Chris
  4. We have several ToughSwitches in the field, and to be able to easily power cycle ports or power cycle the unit would be amazing! These are fanless switches, and are great for rough environments (i.e. attics, barns, sheds, industrial, etc.). Thanks! Chris
  5. Would it be possible to link non POE ports and cycle data when heartbeat is lost? I've got a few devices at client's home that need the data cycled but cycling power takes along time for them to come back. Mainly with DirecTV primary genie boxes.
  6. Would be great to see integration with a charting software like LucidCharts, Gliffy, Visio etc, for automatic network map creation, or at least to link devices on an existing chart/map.
  7. rgericke

    UPS Support

    Support for UPS on the Domotz pro would be great. I'd love to monitor power outages at a central point (Domotz) than the email alerts I setup through my Synology.
  8. In my mind, this especially applies to the Smart Plugs, POE Devices, and Devices that allow you to power cycle, but I think we need the ability to create a timer to power-cycle a device (or multiple devices) say, every 24 hours, etc. Also, if there could be triggers based on pings or other events, that would be great! The most obvious for me is that if a device fails a ping, it can trigger a power cycle of a smart plug or POE port, etc. Thanks! Chris
  9. The ability to build a macro command button would be great! For instance, if you wanted to have the ability in the Pro App or to give it to the client in Violet to press one button or one toggle to power cycle Device A, B, & C all at once, that would be great! Chris
  10. It would be very useful if you could allow multiple users to have access to Violet with individual permission settings for each. For instance, in a commercial setting, a few key employees might need to ability to power cycle certain devices or connect to certain devices only, and another employee might be responsible for a other devices only, while the owner or manager might have access to everything. Another example would be in a residential setting for a parent giving certain access to their child, their mother who lives with them, a guest, etc. Or a wife needing different access (some things she may not need/want to worry about) than the husband. Or, one user might need an alert for certain devices going offline or other triggers and another user might need alerts for different devices, etc. Thanks! Chris
  11. Maybe I'm missing something, but there needs to be the ability to press ONE button to power cycle a device. Most devices that we use need at LEAST 10 seconds of being off, so if there could be either an option to enter a downtime or possibly even select 5, 10, 15, 30, 45, 60 seconds, etc., that would be very useful! It may be there already somewhere, but there needs to be some way of restricting some devices to not allow a power toggle, but only a reset, especially if the smart-plug or POE switch is connected to a remote connection critical device (i.e. router, etc. or a device that should never be left off for very long like a phone system). I know some Smart plugs, etc. may not have a built-in power cycle or "reset only" option, but many have timers as a workaround. Thanks! Chris
  12. Support for Orvibo WiWo S25 & S31 HomeMate-S25. At $20 (USD) each, these can be a game changer. It would open up so much potential to the masses, but also allow control for so much more. The S31 also monitors power usage, which could be a big door for Domotz stats and alerts! Thanks! Chris
  13. Hello again, it would be great if we could add permissions to guest users on the domotz agent. For example only allowing a guest to view connected device names, or only showing statistics. A simple checkbox system would be great, like when you add a user, you can check off the features that you want the user to access and leave the features you don't want them to access unchecked.