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    Anyone who has questions, concerns or input regarding the visibility of Domotz pricing (boxes and services), please contact me directly: seth@domotz.com. I'm especially interested to learn how a consumer might come to know what Domotz is -- and what they would do with Domotz without the time or expertise to use it. Since 2016 Best Buy has been selling SLA's based 100% on Domotz - they call it Mag-Care. I just got off the phone with Luis, a Domotz user who is getting paid $2,400.00 per month from one of his customers for a box that can be purchased for $99 on Amazon and service he is paying $19.00 per month for -- Premium, as seen on www.domotz.com. I'm more than happy to share every resource I am able to, offer as many examples as I can think of and provide every bit of encouragement I can muster to anyone who is interested in learning how not to sell a drill -- please: seth@domotz.com PS: On the Best Buy home page. At the bottom, I clicked on Support & Services, then scrolled down to the bottom right, under Best Buy Brands > Magnolia® - and at the bottom of that page: Learn About Magnolia… > Magnolia Care (video - 46 seconds) - Domotz screenshots at seconds 30-35
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