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    I really like the new Domotz desktop app! I'm really hoping this will allow for more robust VPN capabilities and better performance when loading up agents.
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    Hi all, This is all the steps to connect from remote to your Extron controller/Panel using Domotz Pro: Extron Instructions 1. Select the Extron device from the Domotz WebApp → Device list → Device 2. Go to "Connect" tab 3. Click on "Open a TCP tunnel" 4. Insert the Extron TCP Port. By default you will need to open 4 tunnels for the following ports: 22022, 4522,4502 and 4503. 5. Wait to have the tunnel setup 6. Repeat steps 3 and 4 for each port: 7. You will have a host and a port for each TCP Tunnel: us-east-1-tcp.domotz.co:32784 Host: us-east-1-tcp.domotz.co Port: 32784 8. Open the .bat file as Administrator (see link below) and enter the requested information on the screen. 9. Connect the Global Configurator to the device on the loopback address that you choose (e.g. Extron.bat
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