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    You've got some nerve rolling out an "advanced" version of a product that is so severely lacking the most basic functionality and still so severely bug-ridden. Until now I kept hanging on, hoping Domotz would eventually come anywhere near to deserving the "Pro" moniker. I guess it's time to cut the losses and look elsewhere for a real network monitoring solution for small to medium networks. I like Fing, but I don't really trust it any longer, knowing it comes from the same stable. I can't even begin to describe the extent of my disappointment. At least I still only have two test installations. There is no way I could deploy this to any of my customers and charge them with a straight face. And frankly, I can't see it being ready for prime time anytime in the foreseeable future. Very sad, but that's how it is. In the brief time Domotz was in the picture, my initial enthusiasm was worn down to nothing, being replaced by mounting frustration at all the limitations, idiosyncrasies, omissions and bugs.