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    Anyone who has questions, concerns or input regarding the visibility of Domotz pricing (boxes and services), please contact me directly: seth@domotz.com. I'm especially interested to learn how a consumer might come to know what Domotz is -- and what they would do with Domotz without the time or expertise to use it. Since 2016 Best Buy has been selling SLA's based 100% on Domotz - they call it Mag-Care. I just got off the phone with Luis, a Domotz user who is getting paid $2,400.00 per month from one of his customers for a box that can be purchased for $99 on Amazon and service he is paying $19.00 per month for -- Premium, as seen on www.domotz.com. I'm more than happy to share every resource I am able to, offer as many examples as I can think of and provide every bit of encouragement I can muster to anyone who is interested in learning how not to sell a drill -- please: seth@domotz.com PS: On the Best Buy home page. At the bottom, I clicked on Support & Services, then scrolled down to the bottom right, under Best Buy Brands > Magnolia® - and at the bottom of that page: Learn About Magnolia… > Magnolia Care (video - 46 seconds) - Domotz screenshots at seconds 30-35
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    This is just to update on the status of this request. We have added the possibility to select multiple devices from the Device List and then delete all the selected one with the "Pick an Action" functionality: With regard to the request of automatically delete devices which are offline for more than X months, the easiest way to accomplish that is by using the Domotz Public API.
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    Dear Scott, this is a very nice idea. Our team is currently working on the possibility to attach generic files to Agent and to specific Device within that Agent. Therefore, it will be definitely possible to attach photo of the device or the rack, or even of the WAP for its location. But you will also be allowed to attach for example an Excel file or Document with information about the specific site/network. All data properly encrypted.
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