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Found 8 results

  1. Basically we have a internal website on obviously an internal server that provides critical data snapshots, your app allows us to access this securely through the VPN it creates which is awesome but the company owner hopes for a way to create shortcut links on his phones desktop to eliminate the time to navigate 6 screens deep to select the link. Just a request for convenience but would be an appreciated feature thanks.
  2. I find that I get a "Lot" of speed test errors. Possibly half the time it fails. There must be a bug somewhere. Typically it will do the download speed test, then the upload speed test, both arrows will go green, then about 5 to 10 seconds later it will say "Ooops". Screen print follows. I get the same problem on the desktop. Windows 10 | Intel i5 | 2.80 GHz | 8.00 GB RAM | x64 Chrome browser | Version 52.0.2743.116 m Windows firewall managed by Norton Internet Security | fully patched Typically takes 20-25 seconds to complete the test (or report an error) after both green ticks appear
  3. The speed test screen is slightly wider than what the area allows for. It looks like it is caused by an indent of the area below the chart. Screenshot attached.
  4. joltdude

    Methods of remote access

    Know it might be hard with licensing conflicts and limited support on platforms other than linux and android, but Mosh is an interesting tech for remote command line access... https://mosh.mit.edu/ It has some very useful traits, esp going over a slow connection ....
  5. facilon

    access server

    Is there an issue with the server android app says "Oooops...canĀ“t coonect to server" have the same problems with the domotz portal best regards
  6. fillibar

    App Tiles Need to Refresh

    I noticed that when switching between agents in the app (version 0.9.6b003) the main screen tiles do not refresh. My zero has 29 devices. When switched to another agent (that I knew had 40+) it still showed 29. Entering the device list made it refresh to the actual 43 for that agent. Switching back kept the 43 on the zero tiles, until I entered the device list which switched it to 29. This also happens with the Alerts tile. So it appears when switching between multiple agents the tiles need to have a refresh triggered.
  7. fillibar

    Max File Size For Proxy?

    Ran into a snag when trying to update my router with new software... The proxy that the Domotz app is going through indicates the "entity" is too big. So, what is the max file size I can send to something through the proxy? The firmware in question is about 33MB which does not seem that big to me.
  8. Lars

    Official Android App

    The Domotz App is now officially available on Google Play and you can find it here - https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.domotz.app Please note that we will continue to publish new beta releases for those of you that want to test the latest features, but if you want to stick with the stable releases, please use the version available on Google Play.
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