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Found 1 result

  1. I have finally got my RPi v2 setup and running and can see a number of things missing that would make this a great network monitoring tool. I will break these down into 3 categories: Essential, Nice to have, and If you are stuck for things to do :-) Essential: If we are to use this tool as a business to support and monitor our customer networks we need the following: Ability to monitor an number of different things per server i.e. CPU usage %, HDD usage % Used/Free, Memory usage % used/free, windows services running/stopped, linux load, and more Ability to show and record ping latency (ms) between the agent and the devices and out onto the WAN. These to be recorded and reported on and alerts too. Ability to set dependency of checks i.e. if top level check fails i.e. ping returns down no need to run other tests as most likely the device is off line, raise the alert Ability to set dependency of hardware i.e. a server is linked to a switch on port 5, if SNMP checks on the switch fails then no need to carry out checks on the child devices attached as the switch is most likely offline, send out alerts Ability to monitor custom ports for onsite applications . Ability to set thresholds for the above checks and have an alert generated when these thresholds have been hit i.e. CPU usage is at 55% but limit set to 20% generate alert Alerts sent via email and/or SMS Ability to see results of checks over time i.e. 24 hours, 7 days, 14, days, 30 days, custom time frame SNMP check for devices by supplying OID and recording returned data, in most cases public read only access to snmp on device is already enabled we just need to get the data. Windows devices WILL need these enabling Nice to Have: The list below is would make things much easier and improve the flow. Export of reports to PDF including graphs Option to full white label webapp and download app Option to co-brand webapp and download app Ability to assign read only access to a particular network being monitored. We may want to allow onsite staff access to view the status of their network and pull off / view reports. Daily / weekly digest emails about network health showing downtime and any other reported issues. This would be top level for each network monitored and have the ability to add custom email addresses for onsite staff for the network being monitored. Ability to remove old, non functioning agents i.e. we may no longer be monitoring this site (returning the license back in to the pool available) or may have changed the RPi due to failure. If you are stuck for things to do :-) Nothing yet but I am sure over time I will add this list, LOL We have an in house developed application that is built on .Net that does 95% of the above but requires installation at a site on a windows server and is overkill for smaller networks of less than 100 devices. Domotz is something that could be the enabler here that will allow us to support both our large and small customers. If you need any clarification or examples of the above I am more than happy to provide and or test anything. Regards, Ozan Pakyuz, MCSE:PI, MCSE:DI, MCSE:SI, PRINCE2 IT Director OP Software Ltd. OK some more for the lists :-) - New reply as I cannot edit the original one anymore. Essential: Remove all scanned devices in one go Manually add a device the thinking here is VLANS and or branch locations as these may not get automatically added (I may remove this one later after really thinking about it) Nice to have: Custom email content, ability to define your own email templates Regards, Ozan Pakyuz, MCSE:PI, MCSE:DI, MCSE:SI, PRINCE2 IT Director OP Software Ltd.
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