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  1. Giancarlo

    04/28 - 2020 Release Notes

    This change log covers what's changed in Domotz Pro service since previous Release Notes. These changes include Domotz Pro cloud, Domotz Agent and Domotz Pro App.  Since previous Release Notes new versions of Domotz Agent and Domotz Pro App have been released.  April 28th, 2020  In order to fully exploit the new features, functionalities and bug fixes released, please make sure you have installed the latest version of  Domotz Pro Mobile App: check on Apple Store or Google Play. Latest version as of today is 2.9.0 Domotz Agent: check on Domotz Portal under the subscription tab. Latest Agent version as of today is 2.8.5 Violet Digital Support: check on Apple Store or Google Play. Latest version as of today is 2.6.7 Domotz Pro WebApp, Desktop App and Portal are already updated to the latest version What's new: Network Devices Configuration Backup, Versioning and Management: Always stay on top of changes happening on your network infrastructure devices. With Domotz, you can now automatically backup the running and startup configuration files of your networking switches. Domotz will keep track of the configuration changes over time and notify you if any change occurs. Network configuration issues are easily identified and resolved through restoration of previously saved files. Use Domotz to centralize the management of network configurations across your team: Domotz automatically scans network infrastructure devices for configuration changes and creates version for you. You can also manually backup a device configuration whenever you want, for instance to create a roll-back configuration point before applying some changes With Domotz you can easily restore a previous configuration or apply a new one to your network infrastructure devices. Domotz makes it easy to stay on top of the changes and compare different versions of a configuration file You can get a notification if a new, unexpected, modification occur to the configuration of your devices, or if they have been misconfigured in the running status as opposed to the startup one Domotz currently supports Cisco SG Series and IOS switches (Catalyst). Further devices will be added to the list Custom and Automatic Monthly Reports: it is now possible to schedule a custom monthly report to be generated and send automatically each first day of the month. MSP, Integrators and Service Provider in general, can choose to send the report directly to their customers, automatically and with the history of the activities performed during the previous month for their customers: Hide and Custom sections can be chosen to be available in the monthly report. Users can also sort the sections among the report to be generated More Info available. Users can now choose to include the activity logs in the monthly report that shows the manual activities performed on a network through Domotz Domotz can be configured to automatically send a report to the recipient of your choice and with the content that you can customize. The monthly report will be generated every first of the month Microsoft Teams Integration: it is now possible to integrate Domotz to Microsoft Teams. Following this guide it is possible to create Microsoft Teams webhook Endpoint which can be used into the Shared Alert Profile configuration as new contact channel. Domotz users can now receive alerts directly on their MS Teams channels, with color coding which match the criticality of the alert, and back-link to the Domotz entities generating the alert Domotz Native Windows Agent: a newer installer of the Domotz Agent for Windows is available in beta here Improvements: Intellinet Network Solution Switches: PoE switches are now directly integrated through Domotz for Automatic port mapping and PoE control Intellinet Network Solution Manufacturer Support: It is now possible to share Agent access to the Intellinet Support team directly through Domotz to get fast assistance on the resolution of networking device issues SoundUnited new models: new 2020 SoundUnited models have been added to the list of supported ones ARMv8 - 64bit Domotz Agent package: a new Domotz Agent package is now available to be downloaded through the Domotz Portal which can be installed on the 64bit OS version for ARM devices (e.g. Raspberry Pi 4 - 64bit) Domotz Box available on Amazon Netherlands Cisco Meraki non-PoE Switch support: for each port of the Cisco Meraki switch is is now possible to retrieve additional information such as: Isolation Enabled VLAN Allowed VLANs RSTP status STP Guard status Type Link Negotiation Total traffic Fix: Google Graph library didn't allow showing some data/graph Users receiving TCP/Eyes Alerts even if "No Alerts" was configured for a specific Agent Automatic device discovery and monitoring blocking issue has been resolved Demo mode not completely working on the main dashboard overview Alert Digest erroneously collects Shared Alert emails Known limitations: VPN on Demand is currently not supported on Luxul Router based Agents. Expected resolution within Q1 2020, or as soon as Luxul team will provide Domotz with the API resources to make this available Eyes configured for deleted devices affect the total counting of Eyes Devices with multiple network interfaces (multiple MAC address) can't be merged into single device. This affect also some type of switches which appear as multiple instances on Domotz when VLANs are configured Field Operators can't set alerts on Domotz Eyes (SNMP Custom OID and TCP Services monitoring) Static IP address on the Domotz Box cannot be configured before configuring the Agent
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