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Found 1 result

  1. TLDR:: Change the appliance from dhcp to static. Historically, I have, almost exclusively, run the Domotz agents on a simple Ubuntu install (or container). For the most part, all of those installs when fine with no major issues other than those that were user generated. In my new position, I, as always, started spreading the Domotz gospel. After making sure that my new boss was at least slightly receptive to the idea, I took that as a go ahead. This go around, I decided to try something a little different. We have a decent dev-ops/testing ESXi setup with plenty of spare resources. Domotz even has a pre-built ESXi appliance, making this a match made in heaven. After getting the image fired up (this is a dual-homed VM, BTW), I dropped a line to support asking them to swing my agent from the test setup to this new MAC address. Once confirmation was received, I pulled up the agent's web portal, hit "resume," and waited for magic to happen... and waited... and waited... The new agent would work through the resume checklist, arrive at done, and then just sit there, thinking. No error message (which might be something that needs to be looked into), just stuck. I switched over to the Domotz Web App, but it showed no change. The new agent had never checked in. I ran through this several times. Restarted the VM, I even restarted the host (just in case something got hung up in one of my vSwitch/vPort/vNIC setups). No luck. Just to stop any questions which may be coming, yes, ESXi showed good data for the appliance, IPs were registered in the dashboard. I dropped to the console of the appliance to verify connectivity, everything there was also good (local pings, remote pings (by IP and DNS)). Anyway, after going round and round, support asked for some log files. I didn't really think it was a Domotz problem and I really don't like passing along log files so someone else can try to fix my problem. That isn't a knock against Domotz, that is a pride problem on my part. Finally, as a last ditch effort before trying a different type of agent install, I changed the interface settings in the appliance from DHCP to static. Rebooted the VM, hit resume, and success. Not sure why the appliance was having an issue with the dhcp setup, connectivity was good from the moment it first came on, but switching to true static (in the appliance, not a MAC reservation) instantly cleared things up for me. Hopefully this helps someone else.
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