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Found 2 results

  1. Ipfreely

    https connectivity to a device

    Good Day, We have a site which has a device that requires https access. The connection in Domotz works, but by default the page that renders is a user page not the administrator page. you need to remove the last few charachters of the url example : /user and replace with /admin This process works through VPN, or locally, but through Domotz whenever I replace the last characters in the URL the browser tab closes immediately. I have tried with multiple browsers on multiple PC's. Any ideas are appreciated. We wish to remove the VPN device, but do not want to lose access to this device. Just an idea, it may be cool to be able to insert url info in the connection string. Thank you, Chris
  2. Feature Requests: Agent Pages: 1) Would prefer that the Agent use HTTPS (and encrypted using TLS as SSL is no longer considered "secure") instead of HTTP for it's agent page. 2) Agent page on port 3000 should require a login to view. Yes, they already have to be in my network to view it but why make life any easier. 3) Ability to change Agent Location. Right now mine is very generic at my town. Not even sure exactly how it got that (I assume it got it from the RasPi itself) but it is not configurable and looks like it should be. 4) Ability to change the server used for the Speed Test on the Agent page. It would also be nice if it listed what server it was selecting by default. "Nearest Server" really does not tell me much. 5) Listing of what the Agent version is on the Agent Info webpage. I am not even sure what version I have unless I look at the User Portal or during the install process. Which was a bummer because I did not realize there was a newer one than I had last provided feedback on. App: 6) List what version the Agent is on in the app. 7) Notification of Agent updates. Have the app notify the user... User Portal: 8) Awaiting ability to kill off bad agent listings... Since 2 of the 3 of mine are invalid (one became invalid early on and the other due to an apparently faulty RasPi itself) I would like to clear them off and hopefully free up the licenses for replacement hardware, as well as just tidy up my listing.
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