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Found 14 results

  1. I’m fairly sure I used to be able to log into the web app portal on my iPad Pro to access stuff that isn’t available in the mobile app. However, since the recent update, the app just hangs on the initial load with the animated “domotz” logo over and over. Is this expected to work? Tried both Safari and Firefox on the Mac (yeah, I know, same rendering engine) and both hang up the same way. It logs in with user auth and never makes it to the top agent display. Cheers Scott…
  2. Hello, While I am able to establish connections to devices from my iPhone (ex.: SSH, Web), I am unable to make the virtual keyboard appear, which basically means that I am unable to enter credentials and use remote access from my iPhone. (The only exception is when I am connecting to a website with pop-up authentication. When the pop-up dialog appears, the normal virtual keyboard appears also.) Is this a bug? Am I missing something? I am using: iPhone 6S Plus, iOS 9.3.2, same behaviour over LTE or Wi-Fi Thanks for any insight or assistance.
  3. glopezpadro

    iOS 12 Betta

    App not working on iOS12 Beta 1. It does work with the demo account but can't login into a valid paid account.
  4. TokyoIoT

    The Meaning of a Blue Dot

    When the Domotz app show a badge (notification), the menu (hamburgur) icon will show a blue dot. However clicking on the menu, which will bring up the left hand side menu, but I do not see any reference to any notification. After closing the left hand side menu, the blue dot will be cleared. Where can I find the notifications with in the app?
  5. AHermann

    Additionally Apple Watch

    A fine nice to have would be additionally for the iOS App an Apple Watch ability.
  6. Horndoc

    iOS app not working with ios10

    The domotz pro app doesn’t do anything when installed in the new iOS 10. When you open the app it stays on the screen from the screen shot and you can’t do anything.
  7. The latest iOS app 1.0.0 has some interesting new functionality. Here are some observations / suggestions: Services seem to be Bonjour Services rather than being based on a port scan. I would call it Bonjour Services for consistency. The Workgroup Manager (port 9) is listed as unknown service. NetBIOS name is missing. A port scan would have revealed more information. SNMP Location would be nice and could be used to populate "Place" field. Not sure what the interface speed (not traffic) under SNMP tab is supposed to be, but 10mbps and 0mpbs on active ports seems incorrect (they are 1Gbps ports).
  8. TokyoIoT

    Number of changes

    Device is offline, but the number of changes shows zero.
  9. TokyoIoT

    Device Name

    I would like Domotz to be the magnifying glass to my network. Any information it could possibly observe, retrieve should be made available. If the objective is to have a clean interface, additional information can be hidden in advanced sections. Device names can come from various sources (Netbios, DNS, WINS, Bonjour) and they may be different as well. I would like to see Domotz to display all names including the source of the name. It looks like Domotz is not getting the Netbios data as Domotz shows the mac address for a device which only provides the Netbios name. Domotz does show the Bonjour name.
  10. Here is some feedback regarding Alerts. Done Button is missing in the pull down menu in the Alerts Configurator If no name is given, or if the name is lost, only the MAC address is shown. I suggest to include the location. I suggest to open the device details view when clicking the device name; from there, Alerts can also be configured. It would be nice to indicate in the device icon whether alerts have been configured for the device. More specifically, an outline could indicate alerts has been configured; a full indicator could show alerts for the device have occurred After an alert, the app icon shows a badge with value 1; this value never changes after opening the app, it is not clear which app caused an alert device alerts are not recorded in the device history the e-mail notification only gives a name; if the name is not present (bonjour seems to loose it) only a MAC address is included making it very difficult to know which device is affected; how about including more information in the e-mail like device type, location? How about including a link to the portal; preferably opening the device details (after login)?
  11. TokyoIoT

    Device Type

    Not sure how Domotz determines the initial device types. My Synology router is recognized as a NAS, my QNAP and Buffalo NASes are generic types as well as my Securifi router.
  12. Lars

    Official iOS App

    The Domotz App is now officially available in the Apple app store and you can find it here - https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/domotz/id991773982?mt=8 Please note that we will continue to publish new TestFlight versions for those of you that want to test the latest features, but if you want to stick with the stable releases, please use the version available in the Apple store.
  13. Lars

    Swiftkey and Domotz iOS app

    Note that the 12th of October release of the Domotz iOS app has some compatibility issues with Swiftkey. We're working on solving this problem, but for now we recommend that you don't use Swiftkey when you're testing the Domotz iOS app. It won't break anything, but it'll cause some issues when you want to input text.
  14. If for some reason your account details aren't being saved by the iOS app, please try to uninstall and re-install the app. This should solve the problem.
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