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Found 3 results

  1. Rudicircle

    Generic Linux Agent

    A question for the developers: Is there scope to release an agent that is compatible with more hardware in the future, for example: other Raspberry Pi-like mini computers? I only ask because I've tried installing the agent on an ODroid C1+ (which also has an ARM procesor) running Xubuntu with no luck - the installation halted at an error stating something along the lines of the package only being compatible with ARM-based hardware (which had me a little confused). It would also be handy for systems where there is already a PC in a rack that runs 24/7.
  2. joltdude

    Methods of remote access

    Know it might be hard with licensing conflicts and limited support on platforms other than linux and android, but Mosh is an interesting tech for remote command line access... https://mosh.mit.edu/ It has some very useful traits, esp going over a slow connection ....
  3. The ability to create custom Shell or Python (or other easy to use) scripts that can be used a run once action or set up a recurring (daily, for instance) action. Looking at the Domotz app, select the device on which your Domotz agent is running and at the top where the tabs are (Info, Connect, Alerts, History) add one called 'Actions' where you can add new actions (similar to adding new Alerts), activate or de-activate them, set repeat routines/timers and edit the action (script). This could be used for performing system tasks (e.g.: performing weekly updates and rebooting the device) or trying out new concepts that may well be useful as future Domotz features and anything else you can think of.
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