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Found 3 results

  1. I know it might be a pain, but I wonder if we could update the PDU/Smart-Plug list with which ones support power cycling and possibly what the Europe and US street price is for each. It would help me. Thanks! Chris
  2. johnpoz


    Does this really need a TTL of only 60 seconds? It generates a HUGE amount of queries with such a short ttl.. I don't want to really override it locally... But such sort ttl just seems unwarranted unless you were about to change it out. Wouldn't something like 5 min or 10 or even higher not be viable?
  3. gmedia01

    VIOLET - Add Addiotional Users

    I've been waiting for these two features specifically before I got serious about Violet, and it appears that they have added them. 1. Multiple Sites Per Customer 2. Multiple Users Per Site I'm dorking around on Violet to try to figure out how to make these work. I cannot figure out how to add a new user or how to manage multiple sites. Any help would be great!! Chris
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