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Found 8 results

  1. I have been looking through the forums and there is some discussion around SNMP usually in conjunction with network managed switches , I would like to be able to use SNMP for monitoring but cannot find the configuration... (Feel a bit stoopid) can anyone direct me to where they are? Thanks Hardware Raspberry pi 3 Agent Version 1.1.0 Package Version 1.0.9-271
  2. I am looking to use domotz in an environment like a motel to monitor the wifi access points, router etc. As it is a motel there are a large number of devices that are connected for a short period of time and then leave. I understand no making them interesting or monitored and not enabling the alerting for new devices but how are these short term devices removed from the device list?
  3. Is there a way to automatically start the network connection speed test? we have just put in a new internet connection and I would like to be able to automatically test the speed of the connection eg every hour... Ta
  4. It would be great if we could have instruction on how to remove all the devices from an agent in preparation to move from testing to a different production network. I have just attempted this for what I though I could see from the doco and ended up losing my license and having to recreate another user. this would allow us to setup and test in one location and then, after deleting all the records, move it to a different location thanks
  5. I know that the raspberry pi 3 is not officially supported as a domotz device but here goes anyway.... My domotz install has bound to the wifi interface rather than the ethernet interface, as a result I get slow network test speeds (internet connection 100 Mbs) because of the slower wifi (~20 Mbs). Is there any way to force (or change) the interface that Domotz has bound to? I have tried..... Disabling the wifi in the house and un installing and reinstalling domotz Removing the wifi password from the pi and rebooting but no change.... Any ideas?
  6. AHNE

    Error Installing on Pi

    Raspberry Pi Model B with Raspbian Jessie installed. I am following the directions from https://portal.domotz.com/portal/hardware/instructions/raspberry and am to the installation step. I enter the dpg.. line but get the following response/error: dpkg: error: parsing file '/var/lib/dpkg/status' near line 0: EOF after field name Help?
  7. TokyoIoT

    Raspberry Pi is Down

    My agent running on a Raspberry Pi 2 went down two weeks ago on April 4/7. Rebooting does not help; it never reboots and it shows a message that the tasks Swapper and Kwonkers timed out after 120 seconds. Any thoughts?
  8. Can someone advise the location of where to download the agent from as I cannot see it anywhere?
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