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  1. Giancarlo

    10/15 - 2018 Release Notes

    This change log covers what's changed in Domotz Pro service since previous Release Notes. These changes include Domotz Pro cloud, Domotz Agent and Domotz Pro App. Since previous Release Notes new versions of Domotz Agent and Domotz Pro App have been released. October 15th, 2018 In order to fully exploit the new features, functionalities and bug fixes released, please make sure you have installed the latest version of  Domotz Pro Mobile App: check on Apple Store or Google Play. Latest version as of today is 1.8.5 Domotz Agent: check on Domotz Portal under the subscription tab. Latest Agent version as per today is 2.3.1 Violet Digital Support: check on Apple Store or Google Play. Latest version as of today is 2.6.7 Domotz Pro WebApp and Portal are already updated to the latest version What's new: Subscription Plan: a convenient way to purchase Domotz agents have been added. Users can now pay for what they are using, instead of a large, up-front purchase with the credit system. Users are able to receive an invoice at the end of the month period for the agent currently installed in the Account. Pre-Paid agents: Domotz users are allowed to continue pre-paying Agent using residual credits or credits redeem through Partner Vouchers. Redeem of Credits during Agent configuration: Domotz users can now redeem vouchers directly during the configuration of a new Domotz Agent. This method can be used to pre-pay specific Agents with the credits purchased through Partner Vouchers. Public API: it is now possible to request an API-Key and the documentation to use Domotz Public API to access the data related to a specific account. API-Key and documentation will be available directly in the Portal. At the moment the request can be submitted to the Support Team. Windows Agent: Domotz users can now download the latest version of the Windows Domotz Agent directly from the Portal. Windows Domotz Agent can be installed on any Windows 10/8/7 with Virtualization option enabled. Ubuntu 16.04/18.04 Agent: new Domotz Agent can be directly downloaded from the Application Manager of Ubuntu 16.04/18.04 OS. Domotz Snap (package) is available on Snapcraft.io. Package benefit of the complete automatic upgrade. Improvements: iPad mobile App: left side menu can now be hidden. Dish Network Tile: Domotz users with Agent discovering Dish Network devices can now easily access the device using the specific Tile. New PDU/Smart Plugs: Support for TP-Link HS-100 HW version 2.0+. New Portal landing page: Domotz Users can now easily access to the download page for software version of the Domotz Agent. Trial period for unlimited Agents: new users have now the possibility to configure an unlimited number of Agents and use different Plans during the Free Trial period (21 days). Domotz Agent Windows Manager: a new version of the manager (1.1.0) have been released. The latest version overcome the limitation of requiring the login credentials after the reboot of the machine to allow the start of the Domotz Agent (through Virtual Machine). Fix: iPad misalignment has been fixed Device report (XLS) did not properly manage WiFi type of connected devices It is now possible to open properly multiple TCP tunnel on the same or different devices Invalid emails are not accepted anymore during the registration phase of new accounts Custom Route analysis can now be performed through iOS mobile App Known limitations: Eyes configured for deleted devices affect the total counting of Eyes Devices with multiple network interfaces (multiple MAC address) can't be merged into single device Field Operators can't set alerts on Domotz Eyes (SNMP Custom OID and TCP Services monitoring) Static IP address on the Domotz Box cannot be configured before configuring the Agent External monitoring of public and private subnets might not work properly on Raspberry Pi installations Multiple Devices logically connected to a Managed Switch Port: in case of WiFi AP connected to a switch port, the information is not available at the WiFi AP info
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