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  1. Updated list as of April 17, 2018: Brand Specific Models Tested/Supported Notes Domotz Features Ruckus Controller/Unleashed AP/Standalone AP Zone Director ZD1200 ZD1125 ZD1106 Standalone/Unleashed H500 R300 R500 R510 R600 R610 R700 R710 R720 T300 T301S Needs https to be enabled on the Zone Director or standalone/unleash Access Points Needs Advanced plan for full feature set reboot reboot connected access points via director basic information firmware model advanced information Monitor signal strength and noise level of APs by channel Monitor signal strength of connected clients Monitor access point traffic/hardware utilization etc network mapping of Zone Director and Access Points network mapping of Access Points and their WIFI clients Araknis AP AN300 Needs telnet to be enabled reboot Trendnet AP TEW-821DAP TEW-825DAP TEW-740APBO TEW-755AP Needs http and snmp to be enabled reboot basic information firmware model ABB AP and Gateway Needs http to be enabled basic information firmware serial model