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Latest QNAP Agent ran for a while then stopped working


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Version 2.5 from the QNAP UI installed fine yesterday, ran until 03:00 this morning then stopped reporting.  Start and stop of the agent results in this in the logs.  port 3000 was available when it was installed, nothing else running on port 3000 via netstat -tulpn | grep LISTEN


Waiting for port number in /tmp/domotz_listener.port

2019-12-30 13:55:21 [32281] LOG: Waiting for port number in /tmp/domotz_listener.port

2019-12-30 13:55:21 [14701] LOG: Waiting for port number in /tmp/domotz_listener.port


I was hoping the latest QNAP agent would work but seems always unstable 

Also the Changelog is pretty useless from --> 2.5 for a full minor version update the changes are identical?  I've tried this app so many times I've sadly never felt it stable enough to pay for it long term especially if the agents don't consistently work on the NAS platforms.  I had tired the Docker option with some success butt still...paid monitoring services should have more stable agents. 



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We are sorry for the issue you are experiencing with the Domotz Agent on your NAS.


Can you please collect the Domotz Agent logs (on the QNAP should be on /var/log/domotz) and send to our Support?


Thanks for your understanding,


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