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TCP Tunnel - VNC client to connect to VNC servers


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Hi all,


This is all the steps to connect from remote to your VNC Server using Domotz Pro:

To remote control a Mac/Linux/Windows through VNC:

To remote control a Mac/Linux or Windows with VNC, use Domotz with a TCP tunnel to port 5900 (VNC standard port - please change accordingly if you have a different setting).


For instance on Mac, enable the native VNC server on Mac OS go to System Preferences > Sharing and then enable the Screen Sharing option.

With the Screen Sharing enabled do the following on Domotz:


  1. Select the Mac host
  2. Go to the Connection tab.
  3. Create a tunnel to 5900 port
  4. ?name=inline1710431800.png
  5. Copy the port and host provided (e.g. us-west-2-tcp.domotz.co:32814)
  6. ?name=inline-619271345.png
  7. Open your VNC Client (e.g. RealVNC, TightVNC) and connect to the provided address and port)
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