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Control4 OS v3.1.1


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With the latest version of Control4's OS, they did away with the default OS password.  So, my Domotz is not able to log in and do things like reboot my control4 devices any longer.  Do you have any ideas on this or procedure for me to get around this issue?


Thank you,


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Hi Don,



Even if they've removed the default credentials there is still a way to create an SSH user that the Domotz software can use


The steps should be the following:


1) Open the Composer Pro software

2) From the menu click on ToolsNetwork Tools

3) On the zigbee controller device right click --> Terminal

4) Once the terminal is opened enter the following command:

adduser [choose an appropriate ssh username]

5) Enter twice the ssh password for that user

6) The new user is now created and you can attempt to enter these username and password on Domotz


If you are experiencing any issues, please contact our support channel - support@domotz.com

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