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Adding VLANs to Domotz Docker Container


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Dear Community,


how can I attach additional VLANs to my Domotz Docker container?

sudo docker network connect macvlan1 5beb46af1424
Error response from daemon: container sharing network namespace with another container or host cannot be connected to any other network

Would be happy about any ideas and suggestions.


Thanks a lot


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Sorry for the late reply on this.


Domotz provides an easy and intuitive way of configuring VLANs on its own hardware (Domotz Box) - given that it requires low-level interfacing with the system.


However, if you physically configure VLANs on your HW, VM or Docker, then the Domotz Agent software will be able to scan those VLANs.


With regard to Docker, please refer to one of the following ideas. It really depend on your own scenario:









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