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Domotz Pro Desktop App bug


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Hi, just installed the Domotz Pro Desktop App on my Mac, while it's launched it eats the cmd+p shortcut even when it isn't in focus. It's a command used by many applications. For me it's blocking the command in Visual Studio Code. I've also opened a support ticket in case that's the better route.


cmd+p seems to be used to open extra context under the Domotz Pro Desktop App button in the titlebar, as it allows you to switch to 'production', 'testing' and 'local'. This is commonly achieved by holding the alt/option button and then clicking on the menu item in MacOS. See attached image.



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Hi Jorde. Thanks for highlighting this issue. 


The Development team is already working to fix this issue. The fix should be released in production in a matter of a couple of weeks.


We appreciate your patience.

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