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Feedback / Feature Requests for Agent

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Agent is running on a RaspberryPi2 and accessed using Firefox running on Windows 10.


  • Cursor hovering over the agent's menu is text insert bar rather than a pointer
  • Agent Info could include platform information (hardware version, OS version, IP address) as well as agent version
  • Network Info shows the platforms network information; if router settings have been changed, this information is not updated (until ...)
  • Speed Test using PREGINET shows a speed of 3.7 Mbps (on a Gigabit connection)
  • I suggest to embed a link in the Domotz icon to www.domotz.com or Domotz support page
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Thanks TokyoloT.

Most of what you are asking is in our todo list!


For the Speed Test, we rely on perfSonar, a global test and measurement infrastructure composed of thousands of servers maintained and used by science institutions around the world.

For more info see: http://www.domotz.com/domotz-knowledge-base-app/#network-health

Our tool, searches for the closer of these servers and performs the test. We are also looking at improving that logic.

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perfSonar does look good. I think the problem is with the use of PREGINET (Philippine Research , Education and Government Information Network). The ping shows 130 ms, while a ping within the Tokyo region should be about 7ms. There are at least two perfSonar servers in the Kanto region, one in Tokyo and one in Tsukuba.


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We've been having some problems with the perfSonar servers, as they aren't responding as expected and we're working on improving this. As such, you end up running speed tests against less than ideal servers and this is affecting all of our users.

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Oh, indeed, as I said, things are far from optimal at the moment and we've seen similar issues here where we've ended up with servers that apparently answers quickly to the ping request, but time out for the speed test. We still have a bit of work to do here and we're considering to add a manual override as well.

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