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Agent and network ip change


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i changed the network from 192.168.1.x to 192.168.21.x

i am using a domotz box with the agent in static ip

i changed the network configuration and now i see 80% of the devices with both old and new ip address, but listed as 1.x

plus, some of them have only 21.x and are displayed obviously at the bottom of the list because they are in ip address sorted. 

i would like to get rid of the 1.X in every device without loosing all the customization i put on every device (alerts, name, model, location etc..)

how should i do that ?

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In theory, the old IP addresses should disappear as soon as they cannot be reached anymore from the Domotz Box. Please verify that.


If it doesn't happen, please reach support@domotz.com, so that you can share more information and support team can help you investigate and resolve this issue.

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