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D-Link DGS 1210-28 smart switches - snmp alerts


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Hi All

A newbie question - i need help configuring snmp alerts for my Dlink DGS 1210-28 smart switches - i have created the snmp sensor, this does alert me when the switch goes down, changes ip , loses heartbeat.


I need help with configuring and recieving alerts for :

Trap Settings

SNMP Authentication Traps
Device Bootup
Port Link Up / Link Down
Firmware Upgrade State
Loopback Detection occuring / recovery.

I really dont know how to go about this - any help would be greatly appreciated


Thx Shane

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Hi @Shane,


We will not work with SNMP Traps yet. What Domotz Eyes can monitor are the SNMP OIDs, you need to identify the OID of each of the items you are interested in and add them to Domotz Eyes.


Note that the Domotz Eyes will use something like the snmpget which requires the complete path to the OID, for example:

With complete path:

snmpget -v2c -c public
iso. = INTEGER: 100

Incomplete path:

snmpget -v2c -c public
Error in packet
Reason: (noSuchName) There is no such variable name in this MIB.
Failed object: iso.

Note that some Switches is supported by default (you will be able to map the devices on each port, seeing the port state and controlling the PoE of each port) 

If you have any technical problem please reach out our support, we will be glad to assist you. 


Kind regards,

Henrique Salvador

Domotz Support


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