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Draytek Vigor Switches


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I used to have a Draytek Vigor P2261 PoE switch which worked fine with Domotz. I upgraded to a Vigor P2280 PoE switch and although I can see port stats in Domotz, the PoE switching facilities are no longer there. Are there any plans to include support for the newer Draytek Vigor PoE switches ?





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Hi @colinmair,


unfortunately the model 2280 is not supported and we don't have a unit to work on a new driver, actually our team is currently busy with other drivers developments, it may take a while until we support it.


If you really have interest on that I can connect you with our sales team, we are open to discuss your plans and number of agents that would need this driver. Because driver development is complex and resources need to be allocated if you want to sponsor a driver development we could provide it faster.


Just let us know sending an email to support@domotz.com.


Kind regards,

Henrique Salvador

Domotz Support

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